WARNING: Site down 4pm 3/14 to 4am 3/15

We’re fixing some stuff. It happens. Also, Scott will be on a plane. When Scott is on a plane, all time stops. When all time stops, Dr. Who gets his panties in a bunch. When Dr. Who gets his panties in a bunch, Time Lords consider wiping humanity off the face of existence.

Don’t let Time Lords wipe humanity off the face of existence.

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  1. Shadygirl

    We are being overrun! I do like the addition of the birthday list, but did the reply button disappear for everyone else or is it just me?

  2. exotiKali

    Spammers are everywhere now. 🙁 They have their own page in Random Discussion. I think they bred in the dark out.

  3. Shadygirl

    Deep breaths, deep breaths…..we can get through this. It is going to be interesting….

  4. Gmork

    Now, this is just silliness.

    Everyone knows The Doctor doesn’t believe in genocide…. unless you’re all Daleks….. or Time Lords 😉

  5. ogreoregon

    Just my luck, I am now in control of my computer and the rest of the site is going to give me a headache. I am out of time,

  6. steffiebaby140

    But….how can we possibly survive!?  Time Lords are much less scary than the site being down!  I am gathering up my FDO emergency kit and standing by.