T-shirts are in!

The new GFL team T-shirts are in, Junkies! Feast your eyes on this cottony goodness. I am shipping them out pre-orders today. We expect to see you pimping your shirts on the Twitters and the Facebooks (and on the Google+ for you Googly types).

What? You didn’t pre-order one, but now your skin cries out to be covered in Stank? Well then, click here and let your body be covered in Siglerism.

And feel free to post images of you wearing the T-shirts in the comments, but BE WARNED: we may select you as a model for our store page.



    Don’t worry I will most definitely wear one and wash one and wash one and wear one.

  2. ImprobableJoe

    Got all four of them today. Better quality than I expected, especially for the price. I might let my wife wear one of them, if she’s nice to me. 

    … maybe not. 🙂
  3. RohiPnol

    OD tee arrived today …. now i have too much football related stash to wear to uni… people beginning to think I have a one track mind!

  4. RohiPnol

    Krakens arrived today but no orbiting death… Does anyone know if they are sent separately even if they were on the same order… Or failing that who I need to query?
    Ps awesome job on the Krakens tee!

  5. Dysfunctional Organism

    I Want. I Want. I Want. But……
    Which size to get…
    Im 6,9 foot and really skinny. 81 kg so any advise?

  6. occupy_my_rocktopi

    Got my Orbiting Death and Wabash Wolfpack shirts on Friday.  They are glorious!  Should be completing the set soon.

    Are more team shirts planned?  Probably based on how well these sell right?

  7. JP

    BTW, thanks to Shadygirl, I was sportin’ some Orbiting Death yesterday, and the Pirates today!  (I sure have one awesome wife!)

  8. JP

    So I typed the URL from the bottom of the t-shirt in aaaaaand…it goes nowhere.  This is cruel!  It’s like going to a Q Barnes BBQ but I’m not allowed to eat the big burger!  Noooooo!


    Received mine this past Friday and they’re awesome, THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! Great job to every that was involved from the designs to the packing and shipping. Now I can’t stop picturing what the other tier 1 and tier 2 team logos might look like on t-shirts.

  10. ScottEPond

    *Smooch!* Thank you! Will be good to see my pals wearing me. Hmmm… that could be taken as dirty…

  11. steffiebaby140

    And as I am walking in the door to home…I notice a box sitting at my feet.  Well, what is this I wonder.  Hmmm, *shakes box* it doesn’t sound like there’s much there, let’s open this sucker.  OMG, its my tshirts!!!   I am going to sit here and fondle them for the evening, go away now junkies, we need some alone time.

  12. agerstein

    Wish I’d known that the post would look all HTML… Trying again to post the photo:

  13. agerstein

    My Kraken’s shirt arrived today, and I have to wonder if it’s actually a triangle – my body won’t let me take it off!

    <a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/agerstein/6819289210/” title=”0308121753.jpg by agerstein, on Flickr”><img src=”http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7199/6819289210_3eb7833522.jpg” width=”500″ height=”375″ alt=”0308121753.jpg”></a>
  14. MuchAdo

    Got my Krakens shirt in today.  I may have to buy at least one more.  THey are so sweet.  Thank you Scott Ponds!!!

  15. ScottEPond

    For the love of all things unholy, please make sure you wear pants in any tee pictures posted! Or at least pose with a barstool and a hula-hoop if you must.

    Yes, I’m talking about you Kali, JP, Bells, and the rest of you damn CBBC’ers…
  16. occupy_my_rocktopi

    My order is in!  If I still played flag football I would have the team be the Orbiting Death and have overyone on the team order them!

  17. steffiebaby140

    I am going to be sitting here anxiously checking my mailbox every single day until they arrive.  Must have tshirts!

  18. scottsigler

    Yessss … take our free samples … try them, they won’t hurt you, and they are free, so they won’t cost anything …. yesssssss.

  19. MuchAdo

    Hmm, now that I see them printed, I wish I had ordered all four.  But it will be good to see how the one I did order fits first. 🙂

  20. skewedviewr

    Awesome! I ordered my Orbiting Death t-shirt last week. I also couldn’t stand to wait a week for the next audio episode of the The All-Pro, so I picked up the ebook too. I’m now about three chapters ahead of the audio book. 

  21. ScottEPond

    In the immortal words of my future ex-wife/millionaire heiress: “That’s Hot.”