THE ALL-PRO takes 2nd in reader's poll

THE ALL-PRO took second in the 2011 reader’s poll. Why? Because Junkies f-ing rock, that’s why. It was a fun poll and the people at Tor did a great job monitoring for shenanigans.

The article is a fun read, because they seem a tad amazing that authors who are not household names but have the magic voodoo known as “an online presence” can do well in these type of contests. What is this mysterious “online presence?” It’s also known as treating your fans with constant respect and listening when they talk to you. Magic sauce!

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  1. Mr_Fahrenheit

    Congrats! Yet another success!

    The article is hilarious, and vaguely patronising/ insulting in places, though perhaps that’s just the way I’m reading it (tone in text is nigh on impossible, that’s why we need emotifonts – sarcasm, sincerity, insulting, etc. don’t tell me that wouldn’t be useful). I particularly love the implication that creating an online presence doesn’t take a lot of effort, that it can be done in a weekend by calling up the relatives. Which is clearly how it works, right? I mean, I haven’t felt like a part of the team and publishing process for years or anything. I certainly don’t feel like I’ve been part of something cool and important for an insanely long time. Oh, wait…

  2. Belladonna420

    True! #JunkiesFuckingRock! But without the FDØ and DØM, there’d be no Junkies, so we all ROCK!!

  3. Belladonna420

    If Lundy were here, he’d likely smack you with a fish! The All-Pro cover came in 4th – technically tied for 3rd with 20 votes! BIG difference!!! 😉

    Way to go Donna!!!
  4. steffiebaby140

    Congrats!  I was keeping my fingers crossed after voting since there was some good competition there.  I like how they subtly suggested that they noticed a trend with “bursts of voting” from authors who actively campaigned….yeah, we just are that awesome.  But were quick to point out it was due to our passion for the author, CYA technique!


    That’s what I’m talking about! Even the cover came in fifth for “The Best Cover of 2011”. It looks like Blood is Red never had a chance. And thank you for the great adventure which is the GFL series. Until next voting poll the only variable is time.