Eye candy: preliminary NOCTURNAL trailer art

A little teaser for you, because that’s what I am, a tease. Take a look at this preliminary art of Sir Voh and Fort from the NOCTURNAL trailer. John Duninvant is the artist, and he is a sick, sick little monkey. John has teamed up with Kevin Capizzi to produce the NOCTURNAL trailer, which will be moving graphics in the style of an enhanced comic book.

All y’all OJs might recognize Capizzi’s name. He did the EARTHCORE cover and also the original ANCESTOR white cover. He also did the creature CGI and a shit-ton of work on the ANCESTOR trailer.

Oh, and I have seen more art than this. You will all probably jizz in your pants a little.

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    If it’s alright with the artist and the author I now have this picture set as a wallpaper on my DROID which I show to others that I have turned to siglerism.

  2. Belladonna420

    For someone who plans on eventually killing everyone and taking over the world, the FDO is a pretty nice guy. 😉

  3. JP

    You know, life in the Siglerverse just keeps getting better and better!  And it started out as frakin’ fantastic.  How is this possible?

  4. kcapizzi

    All ye who like freaks, geeks, evil clowns and occultist gore should check out John’s work on his amazing dream project and illegal street party / effed-up carnival from hell: Theatre Bizarre in Detroit. theatrebizarre.com

    It’s pretty epic, and shows how perfect he is at undertaking Scott’s own effed-up vision of Nocturnal.

    I just recently checked out some of the art John Duninvant has posted on his page and they’re awesome. My favorite is the one with the two headed goat.

  6. occupy_my_rocktopi

    Damn you, you teasing teasers!  At least give me a date that this nut busting trailer can be expected!

  7. occupy_my_rocktopi

    Based on the art you’ve shown, I’m hoping after the Infected graphic novel we might see a Nocturnal graphic novel!  Hint hint nudge nugde!!  Haha.

  8. scottsigler

    None of this art will be in the books, Junkies. This is all for the trailer. Maybe someday in the far future there will be a special edition or something. 

  9. Reorex

    SWEET! can not wait to get my hands on the new story!. Thanks for sharing some of the other pics with me Scott when you visited NOLA. Super excited!

  10. In_The_Out_Hole

    Sweet! the morbidly  grotesque part of me cant wait for the 3 page spread of mothers bikini shot =P

  11. tsolo888

    Not sure I like were this is going…I really don’t want to “see” mother or any visusal representation of the grooms walk.

  12. Gmork

    Yay! Fort and Servo made it in!!

    So excited to see how this novel evolved. Pre-order is already out there!