Movie review: TROLL HUNTER

Let‘s get this out of the way: Oh my god this movie kicks so much gigantic ass.

Ah, I feel better!
Seriously. I know the “found footage” thing has been done to death since BLAIR WITCH redefined low-budget movie-making. Done. To. Death. REC, PARANORMAL ACTIVTY, CLOVERFIELD, APOLLO 18, and on and on and on.
The makers of TROLL HUNTER didn’t try to reinvent the wheel. They found a way to write “kids with a camera” into the milieu, then send those kids in to the mountains of Norway to track down a bear poacher. Like BLAIR WITCH, everything you see is through the camera carried by one of the characters.
Unlike most found-footage flicks, however, this is a monster movie. The first time I saw said monster, it took my breath away. Because of the special effects? No, the FX are solid but not spectacular. The reason the first reveal riveted me was because of the long, slow setup, a setup in which we come to share the main characters’ skepticism. There’s nothing unusual about the formula of this movie; what’s impressive is the way they deliver that formula. Little scenes with the college kids help lull you into believing these are real people. Despite the subtitles, you feel like you’re on the excursion with the characters, you really get to know these people and feel for them as the challenges mount.
Honestly, despite the fact that CLOVERFIELD’s budget was probably 10,000 times as big as TROLL HUNTER’s, this Norwegian film clearly comes out on top. It’s full of tension, excitement and comic relief.
The scientific explanation for the paranormal occurrence is laughable, but hey, at least they tried. Unlike most bullshit ghost/vampire/werewolf/supernatural flicks, TROLL HUNTER sets up a rules system. The movie obeys that system and doesn’t give you any deus ex machina easy outs. Their “what-if” spin on the rampaging monster scenario is pretty clever, and works well within their rule set.

I wasn’t that impressed with the ending. It’s chock-full of stressful, white-knuckle moments, but the plot breaks down a bit, the only nock on an otherwise stellar horror film.

In short, I was totally fucking impressed. I wish I’d made this movie. If you haven’t seen it, rent it. Right away.

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  1. Spacecamel

    Just watched it on Netflix instant.  Really good.  I liked the visual depiction of the trolls, such that the fairy tale illustrations turn out to be fairly accurate depictions of the truth, as opposed to Leprechaun, where the leprechaun is way over-“horror-fied”.  The trolls were scary because they were big and strong and stupid and mean, not because they had rows and rows of sharpened teeth.

  2. NeilColquhoun

    Sometimes the best movies are those that are not hyped too much. How many times has a hyped movie turned out to be a let-down?

    ‘Troll Hunter’ was surprisingly good, refreshing and an excellent

  3. steffiebaby140

    It jumped the shark about one hour and 12 minutes in for me…when it copied an entire 20 minute segment practically frame by frame from another show.

  4. Jay_Otaku22

    Fantastic movie caught this because of the request of a coworker and I loved it, He also pointed me in the direction of REC which I also felt was fantastic

  5. LostNFoundKiDz

    I love how you said the “found Footage” films have been done to death especially considering the new tv show The River, I think its a “Found Footage” yet well know if they die.  Its actually kinda good its a mix between Paranormal Activity and Lost, hopefully they wont run it into the ground like Lost. 

  6. steffiebaby140

    Ugh Cloverfield sucked, I nearly left halfway through but I wanted to see if it got better…it didn’t.  I will netflix this one!

  7. JP

    I spent several months in Norway and was definitely entertained by how deep the troll myth is embedded in the culture there.  I’m not surprised they play on this and make what looks like a very fun movie!  Now I want to go back!  (I brought several trolls home with me.  Watch out.)

  8. Belladonna420

    Added to Netflix queue but I see that it’s available to stream too so I may just watch it this weekend.

  9. occupy_my_rocktopi

    Sub-titled is the way to go with foriegn films.  I have yet to see one “dubbed” that wasn’t terribly done.  Hell, sometimes even the sub-titles aren’t quite right with what is acutally being said.

  10. In_The_Out_Hole

    i think the thing i liked most about this movie is that i wasnt expecting much… i mean i figured it was your standard  “B” movie so i was completely impressed when it turned out to be really good

  11. Diaperman

    This was $1.99 pick up on Blu-ray when Blockbuster went poof, up here in Canada.  Best 1.99 movie I ever bought.


    This is different. When I hear the word troll the cult film “Troll” that was released in 1986 comes to mind. Troll Hunters seems interesting, I have to give this a try.

  13. Eliel

    Did you watch the subtitled version or the dubbed one?  As an FYI: it is available on Netflix for streaming now in subtitled form (which I prefer, as most post-production dubbing seems to be done by extras from Jersey Shore)