Oh, snap! Look who's online!

Check out the big brain on Brad! And “Brad,” in this case, is the BackMyBook guys who created this site (but you already knew that). Some new features just rolled out, including a nice little tool to let you know which of your fellow Junkies are online. See the image in the upper right-hand corner, where you log in? A new link there tells you how many registered Junkies are online. It doesn’t represent how many people are on the site in total, just the registered users. Cool, no?

You can also now make “user comments” directly to a fellow Junkie. If you’re going to say “howdy” to each other, or get into a side conversation with many back-and-forth responses, this is a great way to do it. So, if you’re trading comments on a blog post and those comments go off-topic, consider taking the conversation “offline” in this way — you still get to talk about that new pair of curly-toed shoes, and the rest of the Junkies can focus on the topic at hand.

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  1. scottsigler

    That’s for people who have been the most active over the last week. Someone hits the top backers (or crack hits, whatever) and it doesn’t change. We thought it would be fun to see who was active recently. 

  2. Belladonna420

    Log out to see your message, log in to reply, log out again to see the other person’s reply, and so on and so on… That’s just silly!!!

  3. MuchAdo

    Awww, leave it to exotiKali to figure out what the rest of us couldn’t.  Just don’t log in – who would have thought????? 🙂

  4. Belladonna420

    Brad! I can see everyone else’s profiles except my own! Why can’t I see my own profile Brad? WHY?