Eusocial Networking novella rings prophetic …

Scott's blog Junkie Cisco Cividanes sent me an awesome story that was reported in the Daily Mail.

That’s right, human-engineered nightmarish “super soldier” ants with massive heads and “I must crush you” jaws that would make Ivan Drago proud. This is fascinating — scientists smearing ant larvae with a particular hormone that activates legacy DNA the ant genome has carried for millions of years. Read the article, it’s cool
This oversized ant engineering is eerily similar to my Parsec Award-winning short story “Eusocial Networking,” written as part of J.C. Hutchins’ Obsidian project. Now, if only someone could engineer some coprinus gongylophorus to secret biodiesel, and I’d be a gene-ee-us!

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  1. Factualvermin

    This might be an obscure reference but these aren’t as cool as the “Rare Butt Hole Eatting Scorpions” from that American dad episode

  2. Lone_Ghost_Jinn

    Crap.  I thought this was cool and then I remembered your novel Ancestor and I’m freaking out a bit  6 months from now there will be four foot long supersoldier ants kicking down our doors and taking a cup of sugar.

  3. GeeRace

    I hate it when Science Fiction became Science Fact…Mufasa…shiver…say it again, say it again…Mufasa…shiver

  4. Gmork

    omg. The size of those heads! Creeptastic.
    I dig that it just took a little awakening of ancient genes to make that happen. Makes me wonder what dormant monstrosity genes we humans have lurking *shudder*


    I would place a few of those little buggers on the sandwich and start eating. Just think of all that protein.

  6. In_The_Out_Hole

    How would you like to be at picnic and find one of these things crawling towards your sandwich…