ARealGirl busts out the acting chops for EscapePod

Scott's blog Know how sometimes chocolate gets dunked in your peanut butter, and some dude gets all excited and angry, and you’re all like, “Just try it, Bro-Ski!” and he does and then he’s all like, “Damn, playa! We might be onto something here!” and then you both consume so many calories you go find a hibernating bear and kick his ass out into the snow because — dammit — you just gotta crash?

That’s what it’s like when two of my favorite things come together, such as our Director of Døøm doing a guest voice for one of my favorite podcasts, EscapePod. ARealGirl did a part in the audio drama of “Bad Dogs Escape” by James Patrick Kelly. Also in the cast is one of my favorite scientists, John Cmar.

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“Bad Dogs Escape” on EscapePod


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    Sorry to inform you but there is no snow to kick that hibernating bear out into with this wet and mild winter I’m experiencing so far. Anywho I knew I freaking new it that raccoon flu will be a problem. It’s a damn good thing I have plenty of vaccines for that one! Overall this was really entertaining to listen to, GOOD JOB.

  2. I_AM---

    Just like Cloverfield I loved the ambiguity of the story. well done

    A, you did an awesome job. look forward to more of your voice work.

  3. Sgtjusticeofthe52ndsuckitdivision

    I’m confussed. What the hell was going on. All I understood was that the world went to shit, a bunch of important people froze themselves, you got 2 girls living together, and one guy who got unfroze and decided he wanted to make sexy time with the girls and ends up dog food. Where the hell did the dogs come from and what’s going on. Someone explain please.