Trench Warfare, a.k.a. "Arimathea"

Scott's blog Junkies, I screwed up. I asked fan and rocker Joshua Loya (from the band Arimathea) if we could use his track “Sirens” as the music for Somalia Midor’s group Trench Warfare in THE STARTER audiobook. Josha said “hell yes.” The agreement was that I was supposed to name the band in the credits, thereby giving the group a little Siglerism Bump.

Trouble is, I forgot to mention them in the credits. Dammit.
So to make it right, I’m posting some links to the song. If you listened to THE STARTER, you’ll recognize the tune from Quentin’s night out on Isis. Snag the track for your collection, and — of course — rock the hell out.
The song “Sirens” is $0.99, and the full four-song EP that includes “Sirens” is $3.69.

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  1. scottsigler

    @Kamelion13: I have no idea on that one. Arimathea is a male-fronted band, I just ducked most of the vocals before they kicked in for THE STARTER. The bands I’d love to hear cover “Heart of Steel” is Evanesence (just to hear Amy Lee rip it a new one) or In This Moment.

  2. Kamelion13

    Hey Scott, is anybody going to take a crack at covering Heart of Steel? I love the original (by Manowar for the junkies that didn’t recognize the lyrics) but I think it would really rock with an ass-kicking female lead vocal.

  3. Gmork

    This is awesome news! … well, the posting the link part, not the forgetting the credit part :/
    I really dig the song used for Trench Warfare in the audiobook version of The Rookie! Heading over to iTunes now to support the band!