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All right, Junkies, time for my 2012 New Year’s Resolution. I cover some other resolutions in tomorrow’s ALL-PRO Episode #10, but the big one is this:

My goal is to write 1,000,000 words of fiction in 2012.

• That’s 4,000 pages of copy (at the industry standard 250 words per page)

• That’s the equivalent of 11.4 INFECTEDs.


ARealGirl has set up a simple formula for me: 3,000 words a day, 333 days of writing (plus a bonus 1,000 words in there somewhere). I normally write mornings, Monday through Saturday, with Sunday off. That schedule, however, is only 312 days (52 weeks x 6 days a week). That means if I’m going to have any days off, some days I have to write more than 3k. Add in a few vacation days here and there, and I’ll definitely have days where I crank out around 5k, which is a real bitch.


This goal is for all new words, so I can’t count the second and third draft of a 100k novel as pushing me to 200k and then 300k. However, I have to edit and rewrite. When I do that, my writing program (Scrivener), tracks new words written each day. So if I edit 1k words, but in the editing push that to 1.5k, then I get to count those 500 new words. The bitch of this is, some days I’ll edit a 1,000-word section and finish up with 750 — which means I have to clock -250 words in my overall year count.

So, when you’re looking at 1,000,000 new words in a year that includes multiple re-writes of THE MVP and PANDEMIC, I have my work cut out for me.


We set a goal to write 3,100 words a day on writing days in December. We averaged 3,067 a day for a total of 70,538 in the month (I’m banging away on THE MVP first draft, so that helps).


Because, like Nicky Santoro in CASINO, I’m stupid. That’s my business. I write myself into a coma. And just about the time I’m waking up from that coma, I start writing again. Because I’m stupid.



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  1. Marcus_Weever

    I am personally issuing you a challenge coin to make that 1,000,000 word goal with my own challenge coin . (In the military being given a challenge is a big deal, usually following the partaking of many alcoholic beverages after completion of said challenge)

  2. Gmork

    See, now *that* is junkie dedication.  The willingness to be reanimated as a zombie just to read Mt. Fitzroy! There should be some kind of award for that level of dedication!

  3. MuchAdo

    LOL!!!! I’m rolling in the floor laughing over this “DOES THIS MEAN YOU’RE FINALLY WRITING MT. FITZROY?

    No. “
    Awww, Earthcore is my favorite but I can wait for Fitzy (Mt.Fitzroy I mean not Larry Fitzgerald) until you have time.  Even if I have to come back from the dead for it.  Love my Scott!!!!! (By the way, were you anticipating that question from me???)

    Good luck on your goal for 2012! Can’t wait to finally find out what happens in “THE MVP” and “PANDEMIC” Keep on Trucking.

  5. scottsigler

    @The_GrimWeaver: I know we’ll have more CRYPT. As for MT. FITZROY, that is in the works. It will be a few years, but it’s an important part of the overall Siglerverse timeline. 

  6. The_GrimWeaver

    That’s a hell of a lot of words. If anyone can do it though, well there are probably several people that can do it, but out of all of those people I think I’d rather you do it than them. Whatever you end up writing will be great, but let’s get more Crypt up in here. We don’t really need Mt. Fitzroy.

  7. bigun123

    Looking forward to the million words chap, i haven’t got a favourite i like it all, Infected/Earthcore/kissyman/GFL/The Crypt the lot you have got me hooked wanting more all the time.


  8. GeeRace

    Much success in that undertaking, part of which “The MVP” has the Director of Doom given any direction yet?

  9. forcefullsoul

    Go FDO!

    *puts my RE Teacher hat on* if you manage this you will have surpassed God!

    1,000,000 words = 1.5 x The Bible!

    Sure if successful you will be very close to dropping the F in the FDO?

  10. kord616

    So A’s calling the shots, eh? I thought she had been doing that all along and you were in denial. But on the upside, does that mean we get to see the Sheb Stalkers in a Tier One berth?


  11. steffiebaby140

    This made my jaw drop lol.  I honestly thought I was performing some kind of miracle by doing Nano every November and banging out 50,000 in 30 days.  But for a whole year?!  My hats off to you fdo!  I would lose my damn mind in no time.  Good luck, and make sure A is also sending along tons of coffee and strait jackets along with telling you what’s getting done. 

  12. exotiKali

    The FDO doesn’t deal with vampires! He deals with big sweaty hulking GFL players. Big sweaty hulking GFL players who like to bathe together ….

  13. ScottEPond

    A is calling the shots? Nice! Does this mean we may finally see some Siglerotica that’ll show Stephenie Meyer how true vampire smut should be written?

  14. scottsigler

    We’ll see. I’m negotiating with ARealGirl for that, but part of gunning for this kind of output is giving up control of other things to people you count on. For 2012, our Director of Døøm calls the shots on what gets written when.