A look ahead to 2012 at Dark Øverlord Media

A's blog Hello from your Director of Døøm. As 2011 comes to a close, we’ve been plotting what’s upcoming in 2012, and getting ready for the battle, errr … I mean, the year ahead. Here’s what it looks like from here:

January: will see new merchandise in the Sigler Store. We’ll have “Dig the Sig” tees in the store shortly, and a few more tees coming by month’s end.

February 4th: is Superbowl Saturday, and is the launch of the pre-order for THE MVP (Galactic Football League Book 4). Pre-order starts at 9:00am PST on 2/4/12, and not one second sooner!

March: Our second ebook-only collection of short stories, BONES ARE WHITE will drop (probably).

April 3: Scott’s next book from Crown, NOCTURNAL, comes out in hardcover. A five-city book tour is under consideration for the first week, but you can and should pre-order right this minute as we’re stirring up some fun rewards for pre-ordering, and it doesn’t matter when you do it. So, use some of those holiday gift cards to secure your treat right now!

End of May: will see both Scott and me at Balticon 46! This is such a great con, and we’re already looking forward to it.

June: is a super busy behind-the-scenes month for us. We’ll be working on putting the print version of THE MVP to bed, and recording the audiobook as well.

July? Ooooof. Might just have to breathe a little. San Diego ComicCon is on the books as a potential visit for Scott, and a sure thing for me.

August 20 – 24: is the MVP Shipping “Hell Week.” We’ll be opening this up for volunteers again. Come join the fun! And right after that we head to Dragon*Con in Atlanta over Labor Day Weekend.

September 4: is THE MVP’s official publication date. At this moment there is talk of a potential MVP Tailgate Tour. If it happens, we’ll do that in September as well.

October 12 & 13: SiglerFest 2012, Las Vegas, NV. Details to follow, but it’s on, Junkies!

November 2 – 4: Scott is a featured guest at CONvolution in San Fran/Burlingame.

November and December: are currently heavily weighted for writing time, as you’ve seen these last two month of this year. While there will be three Sigler publications in 2012 (NOCTURNAL, BONES ARE WHITE and THE MVP) Scott is also slated to complete PANDEMIC before the year is out.

That’s what the year ahead looks like for us at the moment. What big things are brewing for y’all?

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  1. Jmhutson1

    Wow, I can definitely say its been to long since I submerged myself in some Sigler News! MVP Tour….Nice!


    This year is going to be awesome! New tee shirts = awesome, Bones are White, Nocturnal, MVP and potential MVP tailgate tour = buku awesome, Siglerfest = awesome, Infected graphic novel?, Pandemic = awesome! There’s awesomeness EVERYWHERE!

  3. 573ph4n13_84rn35

    Pandemic?! OMFG. So awesome. Re-reading Infected now and I can’t waaaaaaaaaaaaaait!

  4. Beth_Ailis

    Making plans for Vegas in October! Any ideas on location? Other than the Harvey’s house, I mean.

  5. scottsigler

    Not a conspiracy theory, it seems with @ARealGirl or I accidentally put that in there. It’s public info on the Flickr feed that FIRE IS ORANGE is our third book in the short-story collection series. Hopefully we’ll have that out in 2013. 

    I can’t seem to get the image to show correctly here, so check out the link to see the book cover: 
  6. steffiebaby140

    I saw that last night too, I assume that is probably slated to be the 3rd short story collection and was put in there by mistake.

  7. occupy_my_rocktopi

    Ok.  This might be conspiracy theory or it might be I was still not all the way awake yet.  But I swear when I looked at this post earlier, March had “…. is Orange” and not “Bones are White” listed as a short story release.  Hopefully FDO Agents don’t show up and Agent Smith my ass.  Did I see a typo?  Am I crazy?

  8. BigJohn

    Sweet! I think I might actually fit into the velcro wall bodysuit this year. “SF2K12 FTMFW!!!” he shouted acronymically.

  9. steffiebaby140

    I know what week I am requesting off work!  I love Vegas, I love the world of Sigler, and I am sooooooo going!  I missed Siglerfest last year but this year, I will do anything…and yes I mean anything. And my fiance (husband by then) will be going whether he is aware of it currently or not…cause, surely he doesn’t want me to be in big bad Vegas all by myself right?  Ok, that’s a load of shit but it’ll work and I will convert him if it kills me. 

  10. scottsigler

    That’s why we’re choosing Vegas, because it’s the most-affordable location in the states (except for your living room, of course, but we’ve heard about the things you’ve done on the couch). 

  11. ScottEPond

    Oh boy… Guess I better line up some extra design work and start pimping out my mad lap dancing skills if I’m gonna make Balticon and SiglerFest2012… Hey Harveys: got some room in that closet under the stairs???