Merry Christmas, Junkies

Scott's blog What did I get for Christmas? My long-suffering fandom for the Detroit Lions was finally rewarded with … wait for it … a playoff appearance.

Yes, playoffs. They won on Christmas Eve, which meant I was in a bar drinking beers on the day before Christmas. It was my duty, people, I didn’t want to do it. I even took a picture after the game (at right).
Now I hope your Christmas / Kwanza / Athiesta / Festivus / ChakaKahn / Holy Day of Charlie the Unicorn time is filled with friends, family, nog (both the egg and the grain alcohol varieties), pets, the undead (fictional only), turkey, pie, kids (sedated, of course), more pie, some football, Tuaca, tater tots, naps, fire trucks, chicks and general happiness.
ARealGirl and I are thrilled you hang out on this site and spend your time with us. If we were with you, we’d swallow your soul, but since your not in our living rooms we will have to settle for wishing you all the best during the holiday season.
Oh, and one more thing — yes, look at the picture below. What’s that? Did I start posting my undying love for the Lion in fucking print back during the 0-16 season? Why, yes … yes I did. This is from the inside front cover of THE ROOKIE. That’s how much my fandom means to me. So, yeah, Merry Christmas to me. Now, back to the Tuaca …

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  1. Diaperman

    Scott we were commiserating on youtube about our teams at the beginning of the season.  Being a Bengals fan I relate to your pain,  but it was nice to be miserable in January instead of knowing you done in November.

  2. penguin_poet

    I too live in MI.  I’m so happy to be back in the land of the NFC North.  As a WI native I must say GO PACK! 

    But hey, I’m likin’ me some Lions too.

  3. midnightninjas

    I live in Michigan for the past 15 yrs my dad is a big lions fan and past it on to me it has been a long time for them.  they will win it all before my dad dies which isnt for a while, I hope.  GO LIONS!!!!!!

  4. Twainy

    Hope the holidays have been perfect for everyone.

    Bears game on Christmas … 7:15 kick off … 7:18 Green Bay TD … that says it all …

    Glad ur team won!! Lots of luck with the playoffs!

  5. steffiebaby140

    Cultists celebrate yule?  I am pretty sure most religious cults out there are christian…so that would be christmas lol.

    Merry Xmas junkies, and happy yule to my fellow “cultists”…aka pagans. 

  6. GeeRace

    Yes, yes, yes, an Merry Christmas indeed…And Scott, you weren’t the only one to Lions gear for Christmas.