MovieBattle: Crap-Tastic X-Mas Horror

Time for a little horror-movie battle, all “holiday style.” Me and Martha Stewart were knocking back shots of Tuaca, and we got to talking about the most heart-warming holiday flicks. Here’s our take on a couple of landmark moments in cinema history: 1997’s JACK FROST, or the Goldberg vehicle SANTA’S SLAY from 2005. Vote for your favorite!

JACK FROST trailer SANTA’S SLAY trailer

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    I noticed I’m a little late for the voting, oh well. If my only choices are these two christmas themed horror flicks I have to go with “Jack Frost” over “Santa’s Slay” because it’s a better film. Michael Keaton nails the part of Jack Frost. Goldberg was great as Santa but something is bothering me. That animal that was used kept on being referred as a reindeer it wasn’t no gosh darn Fucking REINDEER it was a DAMN Buffalo people, not a reindeer A BUFFALO!

  2. Zombiegeddon_58

    Santa’s Slay is actuall a really fun movie it doesnt take itself to seriously its all around a good time

  3. Sgtjusticeofthe52ndsuckitdivision

    Dude I saw just saw santas slay about half an hour ago. That movie is fuckin hilarious. I loved it. Did anybody else notice that the guy who owned the deli was artie from warehouse 13?

  4. scottsigler

    JACK FROST wins by a score of 20-8 (tallied across, Facebook and Google+). Congrats, Jack, you’re the crap-tastic-est!