Stupid dog …

We went to the vet yesterday to have her look at the latest “strange bump” on our old dog Emma. Emma is almost 14. She’s part lab, part German shorthair pointer, so 14 is crazy old. That’s 98 in dog years, or about 214 in “big dog years.”

That’s Emma at right, in her younger days, finishing off an insolent stuffed animal that had the audacity to squeak at her. She’s the inspiration for the Ancestor, and also featured — by name — in NOCTURNAL.

We’re waiting on the bump analysis, but she doesn’t walk that well anymore so I asked the vet how long Emma has before her hips are pretty much done for. The vet said, “six months.”
That’s was a hammer-blow. I’m old enough myself (almost 14 in people years, as we Evil Demons live longer than you fragile creatures) to know that Emma isn’t going to live forever. Still, hearing that your Boo has less than a year to go is rough. The problem is magnified by the fact that she hasn’t lost a bit of her smarts or her “It’s all about me” attitude — her physical condition will degrade, while mentally she’ll still be thinking about treats and wondering why it takes so damn long to reach the kitchen these days.
So, we’ll lavish her with love and treats for the next few months and spoil her even more rotten than normal. I take her for a walk every day at 6:30am. The walks get slower and slower. She tells me she’s just more introspective about her sniffing and wants to really analyze the finer smells of that pee spot or that bit of rotted garbage (she’s poetic like that), but we both know it just takes longer to get from Point A to Point B.
I think she might also blog from time to time. She’s wicked smaht like that. Be prepared, she’s extremely conservative and has no time for you liberals handing out free food to “those goddamn Occupy Pigeons.”

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  1. palumuk-mo-ki

    Emma is realy beautifull my dog is also 14 hes a boston terrier going a little blind and def but when the leash goes on he purks up for the dogs in the building its realy cute i know you will never forget the dog of evil hive her a hug for me.

  2. justaJ0e

    Am I the only one who, when first seeing this picture, thought (just for a second) that the dog was puffing out a cloud of steam? You know, like a fog machine.
    Oh come on, it IS the FDO’s evil dog!
    Okay, fine. I’ll just go back over here and sit down with my drink.

  3. exotiKali

    I’m sorry to hear about Emma. I lost my 16 year old parrot to cancer and it was heart breaking. That was over two years ago and I still have a box full of her toys that I can’t bear to throw away. Please give Emma a treat for me.

  4. scottsigler

    She’s on Rimadyl and Cosequin. Those have been very helpful. I think without the meds she would have been done for years ago. 

  5. JZ

    You sort of know Da Mutt ain’t gonna’ live forever; but you don’t, really.

    It’s also true, that bit ’bout havin’ lived the good life, but closure sucks anyways.
    Da Mutt at our house is half Emma’s size, 8yrs and a regular member of the family. No smarts what so evah – Emma wouldn’t give’im the time of day, I’m sure.
    Anyways – can sympathize – props to Emma!
    PS. If the FDO says she’s ‘extremely conservative’ – I *gotta* read it when she let’s rip!
  6. steffiebaby140

    All my love to Emma, and you and the Evil Queen of course.  Hearing such a thing about a beloved pet is bound to be a horrendous blow to anyone.  My lab puppy had to be put down before he was 2 when we discovered a genetic disorder that basically meant his body was refusing to digest food and he was starving to death no matter how much I fed him. So I have felt that blow myself.

    Take lots of pictures, give her lots of treats.  And once she is inevitably gone, keep little reminders of her around for awhile, a collar maybe.  Also remember, a new squirmy little Puppy of Evil can sometimes be the perfect cure for missing the Dog of Evil.

  7. MrHappy

    I feel for you, I had to say goodbye to my buddy Cami. He was 8, got dealt a short hand. Bad Kidneys.

    But now we have Fiona – Full Blooded Pit Bull. Don’t believe the hype, she show anyone where the guns are for a treat!

  8. avinjer

    I can relate. We had to put our companion to bed for the last time about 3 months ago. It wasn’t easy and  we still miss him.

  9. scottsigler

    She’s made it 14 years and I should have killed her several times over for general insolence. 

  10. NerdGasm

    Hugs to you and Emma…I am not looking forward to when my dogs go through that. I’m sure she’s had a great life with you and will enjoy her every last minute.

  11. Gmork

    Many hugs for Emma. Going through the same thing with my beast and it’s definitely not easy to see them slow down. Take lots of pictures and make time for dog snuggling. Well, you know…. evil dog snuggling.