G-g-g-gimme no lip

Sometimes, things are just too f-ing awesome for words. But then again, words are my business, so I persevere and fling them about like a caged monkey hurling poo. Few things make my Very Important Author head swell up more than when someone gets Sigler Ink, a.k.a., a tat from one of my creations.
I’ve been meaning to post this one for awhile. Everyone, meet Sara Simmons. Sara, meet everyone. Sara’s latest choice of ink is a tattoo of a blue triangle … on her lip. Yeah. It’s like that. I tried to deal with the level of kick-ass, but I just couldn’t. Feel free to leave a comment here, or toss one up on the Facebook photo page of this goodness.
Oh, and not only is “g-g-g-gimme no lip” an appropriate phrase, it also happens to be a song from one of my favorite 80s metal bands.

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    Very cool location for a tattoo. I also can’t imagine having one growing on the inside of my lip. After I get my tax return which should be a month or two from now I’ll see what I have left over after I pay a few bills and maybe just maybe I’ll get a sigler related tattoo. I have three specific sigler related tattoos I would like to get.

  2. TellyGremlin

    Jesus, I magine having one of the little f#*kers growing there, especially if it started chanting “feed us”. Still, what a way to take one out, a wire to each of those piercings…

  3. scottsigler

    No, those are …. well, yes, they might very well be electrodes. Which would add an additional layer of awesome.