Ki made with Spore video game

Yes, I’m posting multiple things today. Yes, I posted a Ki video last week. But, this is f-ing awesome and when it moves you really see how intimidating this would be on a football field. Great work by nolianaelf18.

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  1. OrionTheHunter

    Seems like the middle set of legs should be angled backwards instead of forward, for a little more pushing power and speed… 

    I always pictured them as centipedes too. Pretty impressive.
  2. silivrensf

    This is nolianaelf18: I actually do have a Sklorno! I never got around to publishing it! 🙁 I gotta get on that.  That and rebuilding my Ki so I can see it in-game :). I want to make all the races. You should be able to post anything made in Spore to YouTube. Spore actually has an in-game uploader if that’s convenient for you. 🙂

  3. palumuk-mo-ki

    Where would you post stuff made in spore because i tryed my hand with some of the races