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Every now and then, low-budget movie makers strike gold. We’re not talking “black gold” or even “Texas Tea,” although Jed, Jethro and Ellie Mae would be right at home in this movie. We’re not even talking box-office gold, because this flick has pulled in about $1.6 million total worldwide (yes it’s low-budget, but it’s not a breakout success by any stretch of the imagination).

So, what kind of “gold” are we talking? Content gold, story gold, and laughs gold.
First off, the flick stars Alan Tudyk of FIREFLY fame. That’s right, Browncoats, your boy Wash lives again as a loveable redneck just trying to get away for the weekend. His buddy in this buddy-hick flick is Tyler Labine, who you might recognize as the hapless helper scientist from RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES.
Tucker (Tudyk) and Dale (Labine) are two besties who have bought a dilapidated mountain house to “get away from it all.” The kind, friendly fellas just want to own something for themselves, a fixer-upper that just so happens to be the old mountain cabin of a serial killer who terrorized college kids twenty-odd years ago. It’s a clear reference to the 70s and 80s “killer hillbilly” flicks like THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and THE HILLS HAVE EYES.
Enter a new crop of preppy, good-looking college kids, including the oh-my-God-can-a-mortal-woman-actually-be-that-hot Allison (Katrina Bowden from 30 ROCK). When Allison gets separated from her Greek society pals, Tucker & Dale try to help her out — and that’s when the bodies start to pile up. The other college kids think our loveable rednecks are hatin’ hick killers, and hilarity ensues.
TUCKER AND DALE VS. EVIL is clearly modeled on movies that openly embrace horror stereotypes, like SCREAM and the underrated FEAST. Where SCREAM looks at the teen slasher flicks and FEAST cuts up the clichés of killer monster movies, T&DvE pokes fun of the predictable mountain madman tropes by making the redneck the victim as opposed to the killer. Hard-working Tucker and overly sensitive Dale can’t seem to stop the blood from flying.
This is one of the best low-budget horror flicks I’ve ever seen. I loved it, and if you’re a fan of old-school horror movies, so will you. Considering how clever the movie is, the ending is a bit of a predictable let-down, but for a movie that is made from clichés you can’t really hold that against it. I give this “must-rent” status.

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  1. BigJohn

    Fun movie. Convinced three other guys who had never heard of it to watch it, and they all enjoyed it. My favorite line:

    “Man, this vacation sucks.”

  2. LadyBane

    Love this movie, too. I like how it takes the college kids vs. creepy hillbilly meme and turns it on its head. Definitely a fun watch.

  3. Tux

    I loved this movie.  As far as Feast goes…I have seen all three.  I have never been actually offended by a movie until I saw Feast 2 so be ready for that if you choose to watch them.  They are great low-budget movies though. 

  4. ViciousMinx

    Even if you could see everything coming before it happened, it was a laugh and a half.  Well worth the watch.

  5. deadlysaxguy

    I love this movie!  It’s great to see that a movie like this can still be made.  I made my wife watch it and she liked it, that says alot.  I liked the woodchipper scene, reminiscent of Fargo but a classic scene none the less.

  6. AntonChino

    This movie made me laugh so hard, its not the best movie but it is worth the watch. Ive seen it four times, its best watched with some friends. I love watching there reactions, talk about priceless.

  7. Sgtjusticeofthe52ndsuckitdivision

    Hehehe………. Rednecks……… Silly rednecks, oh crap I forgot, I am one to……………… I wish I had a chainsaw like his. I want a chainsaw.

  8. BIGJOE78

    Loved this flick,do yourselves a favour and check this film out people. It was one of my highlights of this year’s Frightfest, it was great to see it on the big screen.

    The best mix of horror and comedy since Shaun of the Dead? You better believe it Junkies!

  9. JP

    I don’t see how this can go wrong!  The dynamic trio of Tudyk, Labine, and Bowden (BTW, she’s Esquire Mag’s “Sexiest Woman Alive” in 2011).  I’m going to be careful not to let food and drink come out of my nose while I’m watching.  And I’ll definitely be watching.  Looks like crazy fun!

  10. Stormy

    I’m a Browncoat, so I went and grabbed it when Nathan Fillion recommended it on Twitter. I think it’s in my Top Ten for this year. 😀

  11. darkcloud2450

    The Feast movies are pretty epic, and I loved Labine in Reaper. I’ll have to check it out.

  12. scottsigler

    @AusMadDog: I think I know about that list. If it’s like mine, it’s called “The Revenge Folder” and has drawings of rusty saws and things like that. 

  13. AusMadDog

    Sounds like fun. It’s now made the list! (The good list, not the other one… you don’t want to know about the other one!)

  14. scottsigler

    @GeeRace: You’ll love it. If you haven’t checked out FEAST yet, I’d add that one as well.