What's a "Podcast?"

A podcast is a way to deliver free audio files over the internet. You can listen to them on your computer, some cell phones, or sync them to a portable MP3 player like an iPod. That’s right … FREE. Listen to the story and enjoy. I will find a way to extort money out of you later.


Do you have iTunes? You can listen to the podcast right from iTunes.

I just want to listen and don’t care about your "podcasting" hullabaloo:

If you have no idea what a podcast is, or you don’t even like them, relax. You can listen simply by clicking the link for each story episode in the main blog. Right-click on those links, choose “save link as,” and save the MP3 file to your computer. Listen at your leisure. OR, if you want to learn the mysterious arts of the podcast, read on.

I want to learn how to receive podcasts:

First you need a “podcast client.” This is a piece of software you install to receive podcasts. If you already have a client, just subscribe by pasting the XML feed into the “add pocast” function of your client:

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  1. Belladonna420

    Fine, I’ll get one too while I’m there. Then I can say I have a British tattoo. 🙂

  2. Belladonna420

    Speaking of tats… is it going to take me hoping the pond and taking you to get one?!

  3. NeilColquhoun

    Hats off to you sir for your dedication and support to that Sigler chap and his rather lovely, if not slightly disturbing, book.

    I only hope that chicken scissors are not on the agenda…


  4. sandrachung

    That’s fantastic ink!   Whoever did the work deserves a medal! (or a signed Sigler-gasm book!)

  5. OJ600

    This is how Junkies achieve IMMORTALITY. This is written in the Dark Scriptures of Siglerism. Look it up. Don’t take MY word for it.

  6. Gmork

    That is one bad mutha-shutyourmouth tat!

    Really dig how the tentacle thingies look like they are weaving in and out of the skin!

  7. dkcheetos

    nice to see my brothers leg on the internet….and not on a site you have to say your 18 to get on