Tuesday Terror

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  1. Carnie

    Thats nice of them!

    I would love to go to a restaurant that would serve my food with a little dining buddy!!! Though I’m not giving him a bath!


    Does someone go into the park and, uh… lift up the dinosaurs’ skirts?

  2. athanas


    is that thing dead or do you eat it while it’s alive?
    I’m all for adventerous eating, I’m a fan of killing something before I eat it.

  3. svanharen

    God damn that’s nasty

    Wonder if it would fight back if it could.  There’s a story in there somewhere, Scott.

  4. Lone_Ghost_Jinn

    Meals of the FDO

    Now we know to really not mess with the FDO.  He’s eating baby, miniature Krakens.  And I bet it is for breakfast no less.

  5. Jay_Otaku22

    oh my…

    that is so freaking wrong



    A Flying Spoon, and Faithful Servant of The FDO

  6. Combat_Cook

    That is just so wrong…I have no problem eating something dead

    It just ain’t right to torture your food.  All I can think of is “The Tank.” Combat Cook

  7. Twainy

    You’re on crack

    The first thing I thought … albino triangle? It looks alien! I think I’d rather not eat … maybe if I was starving and you clubbed it over the head … and while I am not a fan of breaded and deep fried you’d need to first bake it then batter and deep fry it wrapped in cheese … and maybe a Big Gulp of ice cold beer as a chaser … make it A 36oz J├Ąger Bomb … at least I’d get to enjoy both twice … just ick! Did you name it first?

  8. steffiebaby140

    God help us…

    They’re after the children.  Someone should ask the Peta people if we can kill the animals to feed the starving children at Children International….hmmm that’s a thinker.


    Do not mess with the affairs of monsters, for you are tasty and good with ketchup.

  9. Belladonna420

    I love calamari

    but that’s just cruel and unusual punishment!!!

    * * Head Biker Babe & [flickr-photo:id=4891502501], Dead Sexy Dealer, The Juicer, Co-Founder of the Gutter Sistren & Proud Member of GirlCo. * *

  10. GJ

    There is no way

    I could eat that after it moved aroud. It’s like ‘eww get that sauce off me’ Poor little sucker. Cry
    [flickr-photo:id=5353037802,size=m] & Proud member of the Gutter Sistren

  11. steffiebaby140

    It’s all yours

    I prefer my food to already be dead when it comes to my table.  And PETA only cares about land animals, they leave the sea animals to GreenPeace and the guys on Whale Wars.  All of them could potentially kill the offending party with their arrogance however.

    Do not mess with the affairs of monsters, for you are tasty and good with ketchup.



    Didn’t your mom ever tell you as a child to not play with your food. I believe the soy sauce irritates the tentacles which makes it DANCE……….The extremely humble owner of “THE ROOKIE” #2487/3000