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What’s 7-feet even, 360 pounds, and will run your bitch ass right over? None other than Quentin Barnes, starting quarterback of the Ionath Krakens. THE STARTER is the sequel to THE ROOKIE.

Limited-edition, hardcover, signed and numbered, that’s the deal with THE STARTER. First-come, first serve from this very page (this page will change on “kickoff” at noon Eastern time on April 1 … see what I did there? “Kickoff?” Boom!).

Can I get it personalized by the FDO™?: Yes, you can, but only if you pre-order. Once we start shipping the book in September, the only way to get it personalized is to visit me on tour.

Can I reserve a special number? No, you can’t. Don’t bother requesting, we can’t pull this off. Yes, I am talking to you. Yes. Honest. We can’t reserve your specific number. We can’t give you the same number you had for THE ROOKIE. Sorry about that.

THE ROOKIE hardcoverYes, Virginia, there are still copies of THE ROOKIE availble, but we think they are going to vanish quickly as people will buy both THE ROOKIE and THE STARTER together. Want to cheat them bitches out of cheating you? Then click here to order THE ROOKIE beat the rush on April 1.

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  1. OrionTheHunter

    Seems like the middle set of legs should be angled backwards instead of forward, for a little more pushing power and speed… 

    I always pictured them as centipedes too. Pretty impressive.
  2. silivrensf

    This is nolianaelf18: I actually do have a Sklorno! I never got around to publishing it! 🙁 I gotta get on that.  That and rebuilding my Ki so I can see it in-game :). I want to make all the races. You should be able to post anything made in Spore to YouTube. Spore actually has an in-game uploader if that’s convenient for you. 🙂

  3. palumuk-mo-ki

    Where would you post stuff made in spore because i tryed my hand with some of the races