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  1. Praise_thou_bold_god

    Hardon time…

    All this juicy Information has got me all fired up. Why even bring up Quinten dying?!?
    And whats this big secret about the Quyth girls. 
    These things are more important then say, what Ju was gonna get paid or… whether a helmet was on…

    …Unless the helmet would have saved Quintens life…



  2. Reorex


    A is a Susie Q. Holy crap did that have me smiling the whole day.

    Kick ass show. love to hear where the crazy shit in the FDO’s head come from and what we have to look forward to.

    Susie Q !!! Brilliant!

  3. Scott

    Tier 2 max-transfer fee

    Amiko, First off, sorry this issue seems to have made you so angry. I would like an explanation of what “whore-fiction” is, as I don’t understand the meaning in this context.

    Second, “league maximum” is a good point. We’ll retcon this to mean that there is a league maximum for signing a TierTwo player to TierOne, in order to protect TierTwo franchises from losing their best players, The “max” is an amount that most TierTwo teams can afford. Otherwise, you end up with a New York Yankees situation where the “haves” can raid the “have-nots” for the best players. Remember that crime lords own these teams — they would have no problem forcing a smaller organization to end a desired player’s contract so they could sign him or her, a way around the protection rules for players under TierTwo contract.

    Yes, it’s obviously one million a season, not a year. I suppose you’d be okay with your boss doubling your work, work which can get you maimed or killed, and you’d do it for the same about of money? GFL revenue at all tiers is derived from broadcast rights and ticket sales. More games means more money, so players get paid per season.

    As for your suggestion we change the way we do business to suit your needs for a minor clarification, how about “no”? We do the best we can to keep it all straight, but every series, from STAR TREK to STAR WARS to RING WORLD has some continuity issues. As creators, we fix them and move on to tell more of the story.

  4. Nemesis0

    Some good info

    I got to listen to some of it and lots of good info .Then i cheated and skipped to the end for the announcement type stuff (which sounds good to me)