ROOKIE Tailgate Tour in LA, San Diego and San Francisco (plus, T-shirts now available!)

Junkies, the time has come to close out the ROOKIE Tailgate Tour. This time out, we’ve moved to Facebook for event info and tracking:

In reponse to the many requests, we’re putting the ROOKIE Tailgate Tour "Property of Krakens" tees on-sale here on the site.  These are updated to include the new tour dates, but otherwise the same as the tees we sold at the earlier tour stops. (Read also: they are suh-weet!) Please click the link below to snag your very own.  


"Lineman-size" Junkies take note: We will only have S, M, L, XL & XXL at the California tour stops, but you XXX-Large (and up) Junkies can order here by entering your special request in the instructions section.   

If you have any questions, just email AlphaGirl and she’ll help sort it out for you.

"Propery of Krakens" Tees

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  1. I_Am_Sephiroth


    I love the idea of schools like Arizona State changing it up but there are some icons that shouldn’t, like Notre Dame. And if Penn State ever changes uniforms my head may expliode

  2. Gmork

    Along the same lines…

    I love what the University of Hawai’i did with their uniforms.  They incorporated a tattoo-like print around one leg of the uniform, which is a homage to the nature of tattoos in traditional Polynesian cultures.

  3. archetekt

    The Sigler is ahead of the times as usual

    I lkie There is Arizona State’s new look, which includes a redesigned Sun Devils pitchfork on the helmet that resembles a medieval alchemy symbol crossed with a corporate flow chart.



    You think things are rough in the GFL? Try being a dwarf in turtle armor riding a 7 ton t-Rex into a death match.

  4. Factualvermin

    my health teacher was in the seahawks

    2 years but an injury got him cut

    BlackShard Syndicate ShardBorn Forever!

  5. Drelijarlos

    Good Point, but…

    Once upon a time, I was a player.  Right before my senior year we got all new gear.  It gives you a swaggre and a confidence.  Mentality is a big part of the game as well as physicality.  It give you pride also.  

    May barbarians invade your personal space!

  6. I_AM---

    The FDO as fashionista trend setter

    All great leaders lead in every area… Scott, You are ahead of the curve!!!




  7. chefasa

    What next

    Will they have different colours for the offence and defence soon and swap them around or have 4 different strips for home and away another way for the major sports clothing manufacture to make more $$$ out of the loyal fans and supporters

  8. silivrensf

    Swear to High One

    I thought “Go Krackens” When I saw the last one on the slide-show (Arizona State). It’s not orange, but there’s something Kracken-ish about it to me.

    I don’t follow {real life} sports at all, so I’m not really sure what has so many people on edge (for OR against). The Maryland one in the video above is actually very bold and creative. Even though the patterns are very busy, so much the of the uniform is white that it perfectly balances the chaos. The rest seem to stick to a single flat color with a logo, some lines, and numbers. It’s probably cheaper that way for most schools. I don’t care WHAT it’s based on, it’s sooooooooooooooooooooo based the Hydras uniform. 😀

  9. VKNGLVR13

    Brown and Green Camouflage

    That’s what my nephew said one of the teams they played last year wore.  He thought it was cheating since they could never tell who had the ball and sometimes even couldn’t figure out where the players were going.  They still won in OT,63-60. He’s 13 so they are starting this trend in middle school now.
    What kills us, doesn’t make us stronger.

  10. PerfectDayForDying

    I’m sorry but…

    … these are freaking football players! The only things that should be on their minds is taking the QB’s head off, protecting the QB from getting his head taken off, destroying the ball carrier and (if you’re a ball carrier) juking good enough to avoid getting destroyed, not how flashy their uniforms are. I heard a thing on NPR this morning about this very thing and they said that schools are trying to appeal to the fashion sense of potential prospects. That seems like little more than a distraction to me. These young men shouldn’t be worried about how they look on the field, they should be concerned only with how they perform. The last thing in the world that colleges should be encouraging in these young players is showboat “Deion Sanders”-type attitudes.

    I am crazier than a padded room full of Charlie Mansons! Sgt. Renee Jordan PUMC, PUV James Keeling

  11. Carnie

    I agree with Ghost…

     It is nice to see that they are breaking off of the norm and livening up some of those sometimes dull aspects of football!


    Does someone go into the park and, uh… lift up the dinosaurs’ skirts?

  12. Lone_Ghost_Jinn

    New uniforms

    I hated this maryland uniform when I watched the game but when I learned it was based on the state flag it began growing on me.  Many of these new unis I find hard to take but I do like that the designers and schools are trying to break out of the aoen old molds of uniforms.  Somebody please fix the Georgia one though.  That looks like the UNLV uniform designed after a weekend of hard drinking in the casinos of Las Vegas.  I like the Michigan State one in the slide show link you sent.  Those will be fun to watch against your Maize and Blue.  Where can I get me a pair of those Spartan gloves?


    So here’s to hoping for more GFL inspiriation of the uniforms.  Taking the hiccups of nasuea inducing designs comes with creating great new looks.