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  1. zigzag73

    and i thought cat was code for the mentally handy-cap.i got a funny but serious message out of it.

  2. JP

    As I’ve said before, and to quote that great philosopher and social commentator Red Foreman: “The thing with cats is, you can get the smartest one out there and it’ll still sh** in your house.”


    Dog of evil…..I love it! All hail Døg of EVIL! After reading some of those captains that I found on LOLDogs and LOL-Cats I ended up with a headache trying to figure out what some of them meant. And Dog of Evil please don’t bite me, now where did I place that box of milk-bones?

  4. Dan652

    The issue is that that cats do a better job of licking themselves that dogs do – it is WHERE dogs lick themselves … and then try to lick their human.

    At least with a cat what happens in the cat box stays in the cat box.

  5. jannypie

    I believe the cats are actually asking “May I have a cheeseburger?” rather than stating “I can have a cheeseburger” as indicated by the question mark at the end of the LOLstatement. Perhaps Dog of Doom needs refresher in punctuation prior to giving lecture on grammar. 😉 

  6. occupy_my_rocktopi

    I’m just waiting for those kinds of pets owners to die and come back as a pet that goes through the same degrading crap.

  7. scottsigler

    Have you ever debated with a grump old man/woman? You can rebut all you like, I don’t think you’ll change her mind. 

  8. MuchAdo

    Aww cats are much smarter than the dog of evil gives them credit for!!  Shall I write a blog counting the ways????  ðŸ™‚