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  1. Catalyst

    talk about magic rooms, what about those magic elevators that open on both sides to like 20 different floors…..O.o

  2. Gmork

    FUCKING MAGIC ROOMS! How do they work?!?!?!?!?

    lol…This post was highly entertaining. More so than those retarded LOLZ Cats!

  3. Gatorrock

    Døg of Evil- piss on the FDØ – he deserves it.  He must respect his Øverlord or suffer the consequences!!!

  4. steffiebaby140

    Maybe Scott Sigler is just a pen name…its really the Dog of Evil!  And those damn magic rooms that open up on both sides are annoying, we really are stupid humans.

  5. ScottEPond

    Goddamn magic rooms… for the effing win.

    Effing goddamn magic rooms… How do day work? I think it’s an effing miracle.