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  1. Trick

    Ugh, when you log in it takes you to your profile page, not where you were posting?  The following post is now on my profile page and I can’t edit it.  Lame.

    “If new uniforms is what my Redskins need to get a winning record I’m all
    for the new concepts.  I’d even settle for them changing their name to
    the Krakens.”

  2. JP

    The day NFL uniforms include jeggings is the day they let Conan O’Brien play in the league.  (Wait, that would be funny, hilarious actually, for exactly one play…)

  3. silivrensf

    I really like the Patriot’s design. The three stripes on the helmet and the both sections of stars and stripes. Really cool (just for sake of honesty, I don’t watch football, and thus have no real investment in what they wear or do, lol). I have to say though…the one for the Bears (which I know cause I’m from Chicago) look really bland to me. They make the orange more gold-colored and…..where is the “C”? >.> Not sure what they are thinking there. Looks way washed out to me.

  4. Lone_Ghost_Jinn

    I love these uniforms.  And I thought redesigning uniforms was a bad idea.  So many of the new NCAA ones I disliked.  But these rock.  I am all for the GFLs continued influence on redesigning the old grid iron unis!


    Tell me about! From the looks of it to me I want to say that number nine looks 1960ish because of the style BUT I can be wrong.

  6. steffiebaby140

    Having a fiance who is a huge football fan (the “real” kind, not american football), I have seen some awful kits.  I can’t remember if it’s last year’s Sheffield Wednesday kit or the year before, but the bright bright solid yellow is blinding and annoying.  But that is by far not the worst, I have seen pink, lime green, teal, sky blue paired with bright red….it gets really bad.  I don’t see what’s so bad with the tiger print there though, gives em some growl to their game 😉

    Oh and I just remembered the neon yellow and black horizontal stripes, I couldn’t resist calling them the Bees and making buzzing noises through the whole match.

  7. occupy_my_rocktopi

    Best concept?  What’s everyone think?  Most are pretty cool but I gotta say, I’m really liking the Patriots concept!

  8. scottsigler

    I think I’d go Baltimore Ravens. I’m a big fan of defense, and they consistently field one of the best squads in football. 

  9. Belladonna420

    These uniforms are the bomb! They totally made me think “GFL” when I was looking thru the slideshow. I’d love to see NFL teams use these as an example for new uniforms, at the very least.

  10. occupy_my_rocktopi

    Alright FDO.  Random question for the day.  What current NFL team would you want to see change to the Krakens uniform, and name for that matter?  Maybe based on a tweaked quote.  “The Krakens are on a collision course with a Superbowl Championship, the only variable is time”.

  11. scottsigler

    It’s a juxtaposition between tradition and modernizing. Some teams have barely changed their logo and uniforms at all in decades, and there is something very cool in that. Others change pretty quickly. The real limiter is that all NFL owners must approve new uniforms (I think, don’t quote me on that), so a couple of old-timers can make trouble!

  12. JP

    Football is such a cool team sport to watch regardless of what the players wear, but if this happens the teams will look like they play today and not in the 1980s.  OK, I know the NFL uniforms were updated more recently than that, but these new designs are dramatic, different and modern enough to bring the way the teams look into the current Century.  Dare I say, Millennium?  Now, to find some alien races to play…