THE ALL-PRO, Book III of the GFL series, is now available for pre-order. The book will ship in September, 2011. Limited-edition, signed, numbered hardcover with a 16-page color insert — THE ALL-PRO is guaranteed to be 100% full of whoop-ass.

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THE GFL series from New York Times best-selling author Scott Sigler

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Quentin Barnes of the Galactic Football LeagueTHE GALACTIC FOOTBALL LEAGUE SERIES: Set in a lethal pro football league 700 years in the future, this galaxy-spanning story combines the intense gridiron action of “Any Given Sunday” with the space-opera style of “Star Wars” and the criminal underworld of “The Godfather.”

Aliens and humans alike play positions based on physiology, creating receivers that jump 25 feet into the air, linemen that bench-press 1,200 pounds, and linebackers that literally want to eat you. Organized crime runs every franchise, games are fixed and rival players are assassinated.

Follow the story of Quentin Barnes, a 19-year-old quarterback prodigy that has been raised all his life to hate those aliens. Quentin must deal with his racism and learn to lead, or he’ll wind up just another stat in the column marked “killed on the field.”

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  1. Carnie

    I’m not a big comic nerd but

    I’m not a big comic nerd but I have read a few here and there. I would love to add this to my Sigler shrine!


    Does someone go into the park and, uh… lift up the dinosaurs’ skirts?

  2. mr_j_manik

    when what where and how

    a graphic novel would rock and think how many more peeps would be introduced to the f.d.o.

    as for the screen play

    i am open to play the lead



    at the end of it all i will be there laughing

  3. BigJohn

    Yes, but production is stalled.


    Courtney Love was all set to play the STD, but given recent circumstances, they have recast her role with Amy Winehouse.


    Gutter Sistren whipping boy, innoventor of words, Life Coach to the Damned.

  4. athanas

    Oh, sweet!

    You finally found a studio willing to back “Athanas and the Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad STD“, eh?

    Were you able to get George Wendt for the lead?


  5. Belladonna420

    There’s nothing worse

    than a lazy Googler!

    * * Head Biker Babe & [flickr-photo:id=4891502501], Dead Sexy Dealer, The Juicer, Co-Founder of the Gutter Sistren & Proud Member of GirlCo. * *

  6. Jay_Otaku22

    great art for a great story

    great art for a great story hope the graphic novel gets pitched and gobbled up by a publisher because comics need help these days the rehashing and rebooting of series only for a handful of volumes then another reboot and rehash. Joe hill and Neil Gaiman have got into comics game with there graphic novels and so has Stephen King, only thing missing from that mix is our Future Dark Overlord himself


    A Flying Spoon, and Faithful Servent of The FDO

  7. GJ

    This all sounds very exciting indeed!

    Enjoy the Con! You both deseve to rock out for a while x
    [flickr-photo:id=5353037802,size=m] & Proud member of the Gutter Sistren

  8. BigJohn



    My Googler is lazy…


    Gutter Sistren whipping boy, innoventor of words, Life Coach to the Damned.


    Just recently visited Chad Minshew’s web page

    he made a comment about this one page of Infected graphic novel artwork. He said “Coloring… I’m no colorist, I have little interest in being one, but recently, I’ve been doing a little.” Honestly the coloring isn’t bad at all. Also on his web page there’s a few more Infected graphic novel art to drool over I mean look over……….The extremely humble owner of “THE ROOKIE” #2487/3000

  10. Nemesis0

    i’d buy it…

    if it had the Scott Sigler and/or Dark Overlord Media name attached to it.


    That art looks good. I like seeing all this stuff come to life through images like that.

  11. Gmork

    I would buy the shit outta that!!

    That’s one awesome graphic novel page that, yes… I WOULD TOTALLY BUY THE SHIT OUTTA!!

    Oh and a screenplay?! Color me intrigued. Can we call this S.M.O.D II (following in the footsteps of SMOD I ??

  12. BigJohn

    Oh, man, I need to change my underwear…


    Infected Graphic Novel? All-Pro imminent? Secret Project Screenplay of new material!

    Good luck, have fun and enjoy yourself. You guys certainly deserve to take a break.


    Gutter Sistren whipping boy, innoventor of words, Life Coach to the Damned.