Dark Øverlord Media's Preferred Providers

The Dark Øverlord Media Preferred Providers are professionals we count on to help us deliver stories to our fans.

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BackMyBook.com is our online retail partner. The team behind BackMyBook.com has been at the forefront of the digital transformation of the music and video industries, so they know digital entertainment marketing, distribution and platform. With exceptional flexiblity, lightning-fast customer service, and an industry leading 90/10 royalty split, they provide global e-commerce, integrated ordering options for physical inventory, email marketing, content distribution in all digital formats necessary for selling books online, affiliate code management, and the coding and design chops to do it all in a pretty, functional package.


eBook Architects create our eBooks. Their expertise at ebook conversion combines with a dedication to giving ebooks the same care and attention that top publishers give to print books, to create high-quality products. Located in Austin, Texas, the team at eBook Architects hand-code to ensure their output is high-quality and professionally designed. Every eBook includes a linked Table of Contents, footnotes with backlinks, top-notch design formatting, and they can even link subject indexes if needed. Kindle and ePub formats are both included, so you can get your eBook up for sale on all of the major retailers. eBook Architects include lifetime support. They are an affordable option that will help set your ebook apart from the rest.

[img_assist|nid=4854|title=|desc=|link=url|url=http://sheerbrick.com/sbHome.html|align=center|width=100|height=68] Sheer Brick Studio is our book layout designer. With detailed attention and singular dedication, Sheer Brick designs for the Galactic Football League Series provide unique life to the pages within the hardcovers themselves. Combined with the unique story of Quentin’s quest, Sheer Brick’s award-winning design makes these limited editions into cherished collector’s items. Sheer Brick Studio provides design services for clients of all sizes and
concerns — national, regional, local.
[img_assist|nid=725|title=|desc=|link=url|url=http://podiobooks.com|align=center|width=102|height=90] Podiobooks.com houses our audiobook back catalog, creates the iTunes feeds for each book, and makes every title available, for free, to any new fan who wants to subscribe to free audio books. Listeners to Podiobooks.com
can choose to receive the episodes of their books via an

RSS feed, or by directly downloading episodes. Podiobooks.com has been an active and endless supporter of Scott’s podcast, and and early advocate for Dark Øverlord Media.

TT Morningstar Studios is our exclusive sound engineering resource. From audiobooks to podcasts to our Podiobooks and iTunes content, Arioch Morningstar understands that better audio quality defines a better product. With additional expertise specific to the podcaster, including skilled re-mastering and an unparalleled understanding of how to best use the episode filters at Podiobooks.com to maximize advertising options, Morningstar Studios provides unique and valuable services. Arioch is also the editor, primary performer, & producer of TuesdayTerror, the Siglerverse Fan Fiction ‘cast.


[img_assist|nid=4859|title=|desc=|link=url|url=http://everythingsolution.com|align=center|width=99|height=100] Everything Solution created the Siglerism iPhone App. Responsive, resourceful and creative, they maximize existing content into a user-friendly, unique app in a budget-concious way. As their name indicates, they do also provide design and services for an all-in-one solution. Everything Solution will create a iPhone App for you, get it accepted and uploaded to iTunes, and manage any updates. doug@everythingsolution.com
[img_assist|nid=4853|title=|desc=|link=url|url=http://hasaudacity.com/|align=center|width=98|height=102] Audacity Events provides logistics management for touring and travel or event planning for your book launch. The 24-city ROOKIE Tailgate Tour, the Australia Invasion, and the ANCESTour were all multi-city, multi-venue events with venue, interview, logding and transportaiton logistics managed centrally by Audacity. Affordable logistics and an indie spirit makes touring viable for indie authors and podcasters. Real-time management throughout the duration of the tour insures maximum benefit with minimal headaches. info@hasaudacity.com
Pulsar is our hosting and website implementation guru here at scottsigler.com, and is the proprietor of Codewut |Because Software Matters. Based in Munich, Germany, he has kept the site smooth-running and ever-growing since it’s creation in 2007, and was integral to the transition to our current site. Although not currently accepting new clients, he is still part of the Dark Øverlord Media preferred providers.

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