Current Novel: Bloodcast

I am between novels right now. It’s kind of like being "between jobs," only more pathetic. At the moment, I’m doing short stories in my Twilight Zone rip-off called THE BLOODCAST.

It’s not a novel, but it keeps the advertisers happy. Hey, kissing advertiser ass is what I’m all about. I won’t lie. I’ll sell out for like 15 cents, man.

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  1. GJ

    I used to like snooping on that and looking back over the podcasts to listen again to people characters.

  2. Belladonna420

    That’s why we all have to put our graphics on our profile pages, so Pondy’s work can still be admired by all!

  3. Shadygirl

    I don’t know if you are still in Nocturnal or not, but it isn’t just you. Nobody has notes on what story they appear in anymore.

  4. GJ

    That’s interesting. I’ve never noticed that before. Well spotted. I wonder what it means?

  5. MuchAdo

    Noticed that too.  I thought maybe that just meant I was no longer appearing in Nocturnal.  So there is still a chance I’m in there?  I guess we’ll see once Amazon decides to ship the order.

  6. Belladonna420

    I just realized something else… our profiles no longer display whether or not we’ve appeared in a book as a character. I’d like to see that bit of info returned to everyone’s profiles.

  7. deltrimental

    Also, under the same listing, we could start a ‘what the hell does your signature mean?’ thread and people could explain where their honorary titles, quotes, etc in their footers came from. 

  8. deltrimental

    re: Gang pages…. That would be AWESOME, but if it’s not possible, maybe we could have a ‘Gangs’ section in the forum menu (like the individual book listings, for example) and start individual threads for each gang/club? That way we could explain where the gangs came from and if newbies are wondering what it’s all about, they could easily find the information and/or ask questions?

  9. deltrimental

    Yay! Just gimme five minutes to clean up the place…

    *vacuums up pillow feathers* *cleans scrapple off walls*
  10. MuchAdo

    I’m all for gang pages but IMHO I wouldn’t want to exclude anyone from the page.  I think putting peoples names who are members of the gang at the top is OK but let anyone who wants to, join in the conversation.  Now how do I get in the Gutter Sisteren gang?  Does it help that my Sis is a part of it???

  11. scottsigler

    Well, we’re not getting rid of people’s avatars, if that’s what you mean — the square pictures on the side stay where they are.

  12. ScottEPond

    I’m all for removing the footer images… not a big deal overall.

    BUT… if we could have gang/group pages that would bloody rawk… would be a great compromise between the old site intimacy and the new site professionalism and give extra meaning to being invited to be part of one of these sub-groups.
  13. steffiebaby140

    Can we have a gang for those with no gang?  And while I will miss seeing everyone’s pictures and stuff, it is a logical decision…so be it!

  14. scottsigler

    What would you guys think of a page for each of the various gangs? I’d have to talk to Kovacs and the BackMyBooks guys to see if we could pull it off. I’m not sure about access privileges, but we could put the gang member names on that page.

  15. MuchAdo

    Ummm, it’s your house and you’re footing the bill.  Whatever you think is best is OK by me. 😀  I’m just thankful you let me visit when I want.