[img_assist|nid=2157|title=Poster collage|desc=Can you get them all and see what Perry sees?|link=none|align=right|width=181|height=350]

On Tuesday, Dec. 16, welcome to teaser hell …

There are twelve unique promotional posters for the horror novel CONTAGIOUS, each hinting at a key phrase or plot point. What do they mean? You’ll find out when you read the book or listen to the free podcast. What’s more, if you put all twelve of these high-resolution, printable posters together in the right order, and you can see Perry’s final, doom-filled vision.

Through January 2009, the only one you will find at is the "DOMREC." The rest roll out exclusively on eleven other websites. Each site will feature one poster design only. To collect them all, you must visit all the sites (or subscribe to their respective RSS feeds).

Why did I pick the other eleven sites?  Not only because they have big audiences (I’m a promotional whore, remember?), but because they have cool content. These sites will either make you laugh, entertain you or educate you. I love all of these sites, and think you will too.

Here are links to the posters for each site:

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  1. GJ

    Hmm… what comes to mind?

    And he waddled away… waddle waddle…. and he waddled away, til the very next day.
  2. scottsigler

    It’s frustrating for me, that’s for sure. I announce in the newsletter, on the blog, in the podcast, on Twitter, Facebook and on Google Plus, yet still people miss me when I come to their towns. 

  3. tsolo888

    That sure looked like a “Happy dance” but the FDO wouldn’t to a happy dance unless it was on the corpses of his enemies.  So I’m not sure what I saw.

  4. gwguffey

    I think he made up that dance while the crazy drunk guy was having his sneezing fit during the the talk.

  5. Combat_Cook

    Thanks for coming to the Minnesota.  It was a blast and it was good to see you again.  I still say that it would have been fun todo the FDO version of midget bowling. 😛

  6. ScottEPond

    I’ve seen that dance before! Stay Puft premiered it on Ghostbustersa few decades ago. True, he was just walking, but it looks pretty much the same…


  7. scottsigler

    @Steffiebaby140: “The Penguin.’ I like it.

    @Dead_Silver: “Roly Poly Dance” doesn’t quite have an air of evil to it.

  8. steffiebaby140

    With the mention of roly polys I have been inspired for a new name for the victory dance.  The Weeble dance!!  We’ve all heard the slogan, weebles wobble but they don’t fall down. 

  9. Kamelion13

    We had lots of fun with our FDO, and hope that it doesn’t take so long before you come back to the great frozen tundra again. And the leftover Reese’s Pieces helped me stay awake for the five hour drive back to South Dakota.


    The very first thought that came to my mind was the words “Roly Poly Dance” because it looks like those Roly Poly toys that wobble side to side.

  11. steffiebaby140

    It sounds like such fun, I wish I could have been there.  Someday, someday.

    As for the victory dance….I would call it The Penguin.