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  1. Sgtjusticeofthe52ndsuckitdivision

    What the hell is with the clothes ads up there. It’s kinda creepy, almost like it’s a possessed junky blogger. One possessed by any evil clothes company bent on world domination. That’s some scary shit.

  2. steffiebaby140

    Just had a thought….wouldn’t it be much more efficient to put in a report spam feature?  That way whoever is doing the spam killing wouldn’t have to look around and see where it was or who was doing it, but users could report a post as spam and it would sit in a queue until someone with the ability to spam kill came and checked the queue.  I have seen it used on other forums with great success and much less work for the moderators of that forum.

  3. Sgtjusticeofthe52ndsuckitdivision

    I’m still trying to figure out what crack hits are. What do they do. Do they even hold any sort of value, if not I have one question, can I eat them? I imagine that they would taste like either apple pie or a chocolate bar. Which makes me want to eat them more. Now I’m hungry so I’m going to eat a sandwich, possibly ham and cheese, I don’t know. I figure it out when I look in the fridge, and when I make it, it will be glorious.

  4. scottsigler

    We’re working on a badge for people who missed OJ and were here before the latest iteration of the site. Just hang tight. 

  5. Factualvermin

    I do distinctly remember the FDO saying we would get OJ2 next to our names. not mad but just wondering what happened to that

  6. lyallp

    Really sharp.
    Excellent job, keep up the great work.

    I think there are some Breaking Bad fans around here somewhere 😉

  7. scottsigler

    @Stephenmid: We’re working on that. We never figured out a good way to use the crack hits, so we’re looking for a new system that better rewards the fans for playing on the site. 

    We have the OJ badges in development. Just be patient on that one. 
  8. stephenmid

    New website seems to be a step backwards… No crack hits. No sign to stay who is an OJ and I can’t see where you see who else is online. Bring back the old site.

  9. Jayguana

    cant post to the bugs thread to say Im having very little success in post on the new site. I can only post to these blogs and nothing else. Im sure its already being worked on, but thought I would throw it out there.


    @possumcowboy…..The episode sponsor for The Mustache Rangers are Is that what you’re searching for?

  11. JP

    @possumcowboy…ah gotcha–sorry for the misunderstanding.  I can’t find them either.  Send an e-mail to with the subject “sponsor links missing from the site” and if there’s a specific one you want to know right away, mention it in the e-mail.  They may be able to send you the code for the specific sponsor you’re after, before they get all the links restored to the site.

  12. possumcowboy

    I want to purchase toner for my printer, and one of the financial sponsors of the podcast was a company that supplies toner; I need the link to click through so that Scott gets credit for my business to that company.

  13. JP

    @possumcowboy…the badges and such are coming back as the cool guys at Back My Books continue to fill out the site’s capability.  Fear not; all the awesomeness (and more!) is coming back to us in waves.  As for sponsor links, click on the title of article you want to share so it opens up fully.  Once you do that, the sponsoring links (Like, Tweet, +1 and Share) will be at the top.  Sponsor away!

  14. possumcowboy

    Oh!  The main reason I even dropped by here today was to click on a sponsor link for ink cartridges!  Where are the sponsor links?

  15. JP

    @Death Tone, look like you figured it out…you posted successfully here.  Were you having the trouble while trying to post without being logging onto the site first?

  16. Death_Tone

    Where are my crack hits ??

    Why do we need to add our email to send a comment?

    Where did the junkies on line list go?

    Forst time I sent comment I lost the site

    Did I mention where are my crack hits??

  17. Death_Tone

    the site looks better but need to get used to the new site map and then down and dirty with it…. 

  18. Scaleslea

    Very different.

    I hope the back end is easy to manage. This is a whole new user experience. It doesn’t really translate from the old site.


  19. Lone_Ghost_Jinn

    Maybe this slick, new design can get me fired up about running around on the web again.  I’ve been incognito for a couple of months at least.

    Well done all involved.

  20. treed

    HOT DAMN!!

    oh wait….

    it’s so BRIGHT!!
    MY EYES! MY EYES! they burn…..

    ok sigs, all kidding aside, i like the new digs. ok done, so what’s next??

  21. Finaldrive

    Weird…..but I love it.  I wish I had more time to chat on here with you guys.  I miss all the witty banter.  

  22. Twainy

    WHERE is MY edit button?! LOL … Hi there BigJohn … yes where IS the blood? I think they are waiting to spring it in us … maybe thinking we couldn’t handle too much awesomeness at once? or that we were technotards and could do without pretty distractions while we got accustomed to the new digs? OK … gonna go pass out …

  23. Twainy

    Yes they are very well loved … now shhhh you are distracting them from the 942 random ridiculous changes needed to complete our perception of FDO nirvana ;o) … (good job) … x

  24. BigJohn

    Good point, Twainy. There is not nearly enough blood on this site. The periodic table background is a bit…odd.

    Otherwise, I think Neil’s comments are great and well said. Congrats to the BmB guys and Dark Overlord Media to boot!
  25. Twainy

    Neil – same thought about the current appearance … I don’t mind it at all … but I miss the random splashes of creativity/individuality … I hope some of the FDO/DOM personality seeps back into the permanentness of the design … other than that I’m sure loving some of the new features and man is this site quick! I used to be able to go make a caramel mocha latte with whipped cream & sprinkles between screens! I wonder if I over medicated ….

  26. NeilColquhoun

    To the team:

    My thoughts, for what it’s worth – 

    • The site is certainly cleaner, but after the familiarity of the previous design, it will take a little time for it to become as easy on the eye.
    • Like anything new/redesigned/improved, there are always teething problems, and I am confident that when these have been implemented, then users of the site will have a richer and more satisfying experience.
    • I can see why this site design needed to be rolled out, and I think there is a bigger focus on the products on offer, as opposed to having a large portion of the previous design given over to the social aspect of the site… although, I presume, the social side keeps a large number of users returning day after day!
    • In my opinion, the decision to keep all the blog posts in one place/column is a big plus over the previous design – easier to find/locate.
    • In previous posts, mention has been made of comments in relation to a post not being first on the list. It is intuitive for the list of comments to work as most recent first, and I’m sure that thought has been taken into consideration in regard to future tweaks etc.
    • I am of the opinion that users like to see who else is online, and a list similar to that used in the previous design would be useful.
    All in all, congratulations on the new design.
    I do have one other gripe though – I think that the old site was fairly unique in design, and this newer design looks very similar to a lot of others. Perhaps I just need to get used to it!
    Kind Regards to Scott, A Real Girl, the Back My Books team, and anyone else who was involved in the site revamp/relaunch.
    Stay Alive – Neil Colquhoun
  27. scottsigler

    Welcome-welcome-welcome! I see by the comments here and by the well-populated errors thread that you are all, indeed, breaking shit. Think back to your childhoods when you would break things, and your mom would get that bullwhip coated in ground glass. Not any fun, am I right? Well, we’re not your mom. We appreciate the beating you are giving us. As Kevin Bacon said so eloquently, “Thank you, sir, may I have another?”

  28. Twainy

    I like: fast loading, being able to use HTML in the posts, NO CAPTCHA, Whatchamacallit posts don’t seem to be showing up so sp@m guard seems to be healthy, did I mention quick page loads? I could cry!

  29. avinjer

    I think the new site looks great. But what is the orange boxed number next to my name? #unclearontheconcept

  30. MuchAdo

    Can someone tell me step by step how to fix my flickr-photo id?  Like Bella who already has hers fixed??

  31. Carnie

    Congratz on the new layout!

    I just say it is good to see this new transition onto this site as it makes way for the future uprising of our FDØ!!!

    I’m glad to be apart of this…though I am going to miss the blood stains from the old one… Oh well I guess we have plenty of new white paint to mess up eh?!?

  32. ScottEPond

    Question: What’s the purpose/basis of the “Scott’s Top Backers” section in the lower right section?