Bloodcast: Season I

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THE BLOODCAST is a collection of short audio stories. Mostly horror, some scifi, some a combination of both. SEASON I includes:

  • #1 With a Bullet
  • Mt. Fitzroy, Episode #1 (prologue from sequel to EARTHCORE)
  • Iowa Typhoon
  • Sacred Cow
  • Snipe Hunt
  • Red Man (2008 Parsec Award Winner)
  • Wolf

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  1. scarborshannon

    When will the pod cast begin? and when will the unabridged audiobook version of MVP be for sale?? I have read the book, and loved it, but I listen to the audiobooks or pod casts while I work.

  2. JP

    He (the FDØ) buys socks with the scratch, then stands in an elevator, facing the back, and quietly announces to the other occupants, “I have new socks.”  It’s really terrifying to behold.

  3. Ruthl3ss

    any idea when this is going on amazon for the kindle? i’ve read every single one of your books and i don’t want to go looking for something else just yet

  4. scottsigler

    It would take one hell of a pre-order to make us go over 3,000, for sure. That being said, if 4,000 people want to pay six months in advance for the book, we’re going to give them the book. 


    If everything goes well with the GFL series it’s possible we might be able to see these books in paperback form.

  6. CyberCowboy

    Ah fair enough, I’d love to see a commitment though to never go over 3K on the first run, but understand for business reasons why they may not want to do this.

  7. CyberCowboy

    Will there always be a max of 3,000 hard cover first run of the GFL books?  If you were to sell out 3000 within the pre-order cycle would that be it or would you increase the numbers (and thereby decrease the rarity) of later books or would you do a second run and leave the first run at no more than 3000?


    That’s tremendous! 1,000 copies in 1 day is huge. Great job DØM and BMB and anyone else that is affiliated to a very successful pre-order.

  9. Insignificant_Blood_Splatter

    E-mailing A would probably be the best way to try and get this sorted out. Good luck!

  10. scottsigler

    If we could sustain the same sales level for 3-4 days, yes, it would. About 2,500 copies in hardcover will put you on the NY Times hardcover best-seller list, probably Top-20 to Top-15 depending on what other books are out that week. If we sold 1,000 copies a day for the first three days, we’d be up there for sure.

    At least, we should be up there if we sold that many. The Times has it’s own formula, and we’d literally have to talk to someone there who could see our sales figures. The Times does not truck with bullshit, they have to check these things out.
    Still, knowing that in 15 hours, we are 1/3 of the way to a Top-10 NYT best-seller, and we’re just selling from our little-ol’ website, and we have no advertising or distribution? Yeah. We’re all swaggery.
  11. One_shot_wonder

    Great result FDO team.

    Would that give you the number one spot on the NY Times?
    What do we need to do to get you there?
    Love the work.
  12. NeilColquhoun

    To Scott and A – well done.

    I thank you both for providing the quality content I enjoy immensely.


  13. Ash

    Congrats Scott and A, you guys are humming along like a well oiled machine. I snagged The MVP and Nocturnal, easy as pie. If the trend continues you will have sold your first 1,000 of book 7 before book 5 comes out…

  14. bandit

    Congrats Scott and the whole crew at DOM!  Now lets officially kick big publishing in the nuts to have them wake up screamming “What the fuck is this!?!”  Preorder your copy of Nocturnal and get our FDO back on the NY Times bestseller list.  Not just on the list but at the top of the damn list.

  15. Belladonna420

    Never underestimate the power of the Junkies!!! And we’d be nothing without Scott & A! #DØMFuckingRocks

  16. Octopon

    Wow. That’s insane. Pretty soon we’ll be seeing stories like “tickets for ‘The Rookie’ movie sold out in one day”. 

  17. romanda

    Way to Go!!  

    I think its people realizing how AWESOME this stuff is, and knowing they need to get theirs before its gone!
  18. steffiebaby140

    Wow!  That is a big jump.  That just goes to show how amazing the goodness that the FDO provides really is.   It was a very smooth preorder, it seems like there was very little hiccups on the site, so total win all around.

  19. Gatorrock

    Glad to know I’m guaranteed my fix as my fellow junkies keep demanding it both in words and $$$/£££/¥¥¥/€€€€ – Rock on!!   #junkiesfuckingrock

  20. Tokkan

    Sweeeeet. Kudos to, by the way! The server only seemed to hiccup about a minute before I was able to place my order; smoothest preorder yet!

  21. ScottEPond

    In his defense they were cyber socks… cause regular socks are just too lame for the FDO.


  22. ScottEPond

    One word: wow.

    That’s a friggin feat and a half… Great job guys and the the junkies that made it happen.