ANCESTOR video contest: finalists announced!

The submission period is now over.

Finalists are posted at the bottom
of this page.

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The ANCESTOR user-generated-video contest was created to help promote the hardcover release of ANCESTOR, a novel by New York Times best-selling author Scott Sigler (June 22, 2010, Crown Publishing). We had twenty-three entries for the contest. The seven videos with the most views were submitted to our panel of judges on July 8, 2010.


You name it. Live action, machinima, animation, claymation, animated comic book, GCI — any format that lets them follow the scripts listed in the table below.


  1. Contestants promote their video URLs: They send it to friends, family, enemies, that dude from third-grade English class, whoever will watch and hopefully spread the word. Use social media, embed, link, whatever works (and the goal is to get folks watching, so artificially boosting the view count will not be viewed kindly.)
  2. On July 7 at 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time, we note the view count for each film.
  3. The five movies with the most views at that time are the finalists.
  4. The finalist movies are judged by our esteemed panel of whoop-ass judges (see a list of judges on the left-hand side of this page). They all vote based on whatever parameters they like, whatever strikes their fancy.
  5. On July 14, we announce the grand prize winner.
  6. Then we send y’all your winnings!

[img_assist|nid=3808|title=iPod Nano 16GB|desc=Four finalists win this sucker!|link=none|align=right|width=93|height=227]PRIZES & PRIZE MOOLAH:
Five finalists win kick-ass stuff, and one of those finalists gets the Grand Prize!

Grand Prize Winner wins:
• A 32GB WiFi+3G Apple iPad (valued at $729)
• $200 prize moolah!
• A signed, personalized copy of ANCESTOR
• His or her work viewed
by industry professionals

The Finalists win:
• $200 prize moolah!
• 16 GB iPod Nano
• A signed, personalized copy of ANCESTOR
• Their work viewed
by industry professionals

List of Scripts You Can Shoot
Scene Name Dialogue? Actors Blood? Minutes Rating Script PDF
Blowtorch yes 3 no 5 PG PDF download link
You Understand yes 2 no 4 PG PDF download link
Fischer & Galina yes 3 no 7 PG-13 PDF download link
Where Is Sara? yes 2 yes 3 R PDF download link
Jian’s Dream no 1 yes 2 PG-13 PDF download link


Entry #24: “Jian’s Dream” by Tyler Short

Entry #21: Jian’s Dream” by Ali Navid

Entry #9: “Where is Sara” by Fish Outta Water Productions

Entry #5: “Jian’s Dream” by Brent Weischel

Entry #3: “Where is Sara” by Abhu Dhanda:

Entry #1: “Blowtorch” combined with “Where is Sara?” By Gmod Theater:

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