TUESDAY TERROR Episode #05: "Loyalty" Part 2 of 2

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TUESDAY TERROR #05: Loyalty, Part 2

Welcome back to Tuesday Terror, a fan-generated anthology of stories based in the Siglerverse. “Loyalty” is written by Renee Jordan; edited and performed by Arioch
Morningstar. It is an alternative future-history of THE ROOKIE.

The Story So Far:
Messal the Efficient did his job. He delivered a tipsy Quentin Barnes safely back to his apartment. But after Messal left, Quentin’s birthday present — a new robot — murders the Krakens quarterback. Now John Tweedy, Virak the Mean, Gredok the Splithead, and even Messal seek revenge.

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  1. sadock

    THANKS!!! I’ll do my best with the submissions.

    We were nominated for 4 parsecs, but only eligible for 3 after the committee did their screening process. Shows must have a minimum of 10 episodes within the eligibility period to qualify for Best Anthology in Speculative/Fan Fiction. We only had 5, so we were disqualified from that category.

    “Neighbors” & “Loyalty” received individual nominations for best short story and someone nominated me for best new podcasting voice, so I’ll put something together for that as well. 


  2. I can only make one person happy each day. Sorry, today’s not your day. Tomorrow’s not looking so good either.

  3. sadock

    I must agree. Renee did an AWESOME frakkin’ job with this.

    I’m not sure what prompted me to use that particular cadence for Virak. Good catch; I didn’t think it came through all that clear after I put it through the effects process.


  4. I can only make one person happy each day. Sorry, today’s not your day. Tomorrow’s not looking so good either.

  5. sadock

    Thanks, I’m glad I was able to do your story justice.

    I’ve heard that it’s often the quiet ones that you have to watch out for. It does make sense for people who take “actions speak louder than words” to heart to be more dangerous if you really think about it.


  6. I can only make one person happy each day. Sorry, today’s not your day. Tomorrow’s not looking so good either.

  7. sadock

    Yeah, that was one of my favorite aspects as well.

    It added a bit of realism to the scene. 

    I liked the duality of Messal’s nature. It was reminiscent of Dexter for me.


  8. I can only make one person happy each day. Sorry, today’s not your day. Tomorrow’s not looking so good either.

  9. Beth_Ailis

    Luvin’ the Tuesday Terror!

    So much fun to listen! Such great stories! I nominated TT for a Parsec for Fan Fiction. I hope it wins!
    [flickr-photo:id=5069365035, size=m] [flickr-photo:id=4347154616] Pusher and member of the Gutter Sistren

  10. BigJohn

    That was PHENOMENOL.


    Excellent, top-notch story, and great production. Although I did find Virak the Governator just a tad distracting… 😉

    PD4D, you really knocked it out of the park with this one. You may have wanted to motivate junkies to write stories for the terrorcast, but you also just set the bar pretty dang high. Great job, and nicely done.


    Gutter Sistren whipping boy, innoventor of words, Life Coach to the Damned.

  11. Combat_Cook


    That was so cool I will be honest and say I never saw that one coming.  Besides an assassin with a caring soul that is really messed up.  I also like the fact that there was no comment just shoot/kill/simple message/leave.  Awesome! Combat Cook

  12. NeilColquhoun

    Excellent story and a nice production.

    Well done Renee on the story – a nice take on an alternative storyline.

    And Arioch – the production was top notch.

    Thanks guys

  13. CaRAZY_bOnEs

    nicely done…

    I can honestly say that I didn’t see that coming… who would’ve thought Messal was capable of such acts… very well written and very much enjoyed by all that I’ve shared it with thus far…

    -rAndO (left outside line backer – Wabash Wolfpack)

  14. avinjer

    Simply put, AWESOME!

    Looking forward to more from such a talented writer.
    Ve veri veniversum vivus vici (idea’s cannot be killed)

  15. PerfectDayForDying

    Dude, you knocked it out of the park!

    The way you acted each character, your inflections on certain words, it was all almost exactly like I heard it in my head as I was writing it. Excellent job A-Mo (that’s my rap-name for you, BTW)!

    I hope everyone enjoyed the story as much as I enjoyed writing it. I had the ending of this tale rolling around in my head for a long time, and it took some work to build the story backwards from there. I really like the idea of finding out that the most unassuming character is actually a secret badass. I saw that kind of thing in the army, where the biggest braggart in the unit would go to pieces at the first sign of things going sideways, while the little blond chick who clerks for the Batallion Commander comes back from the field with a leg full of shrapnel and a spear full of scalps. Mad, huge, superfly bomb-shit props to our boy Arioch for bringing this story to life. I hope this motivates my fellow Junkies to start submitting stories for Tuesday Terror. Come on, I know ya’ll are a bunch of sick & twisted mo-fo’s, just tap into your inner-FDO and crank the Crazy up to 11.

    Personally, I would love to hear a story about Dew and Perry going fishing, like if Contagious had ended differently and [SPOILERS REDACTED BY THE DIRECTOR OF DØØM.] Now I just know that someone out there can run with that comedy gold.

    I am crazier than a padded room full of Charlie Mansons!

    Sgt. Renee Jordan PUMC, PUV James Keeling