Gimme your thoughts on the new ORDER page

Junkies, check out the new order page. Let me know what you think.

As we’ve added books (we’re up to five, with one more this year), it’s become more and more difficult to show them all. We just got rid of our big table, where we tried to list all the foreign versions. I still want to list those, but not shure where to put it.

PS: The idea for the new page came from Junkies on Twitter. Thanks, y’all!

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  1. SynapticJam


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  2. wan2ride

    Looks very nice and quite professional.

    The only problem I see is that the links for Pandemic, Mt. Fitzroy, Descendant, Nocturnal 2, and Allpro are missing. Hint hint.

    All hail the FDO!

  3. Carnie

    Much cleaner and consise

    Much cleaner and consise then the old page use to be. Though as stated before to make sure that people are buying the books in the proper order to have Infected above Contagious. Unless you are trying to focus your sales more on contagious for some reason. Overall it looks good! 


    Does someone go into the park and, uh… lift up the dinosaurs’ skirts?

  4. Beth_Ailis

    Nicely done

    I think everyone else covered it pretty well, but it does look very nice.
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  5. ThMaggot

    It pretty much only has the audio uploads, no news or blogs but its there

    You’re out of luck. Cause this is me not giving a F**k

  6. Jmhutson1

    Cleaner and more organized

    I think that BigJohn covered it all. Excellent! Like the new page it’s a lot cleaner and easier to view.

    Has there been any thoughts to create a Mobile Site?

  7. ThMaggot

    Very nice

    Simple, easy and looks nice with stuff like the trailer links too. I was trying to find an infected too, amazon seemed to be out of the hardcover last time i looked

    You’re out of luck. Cause this is me not giving a F**k

  8. BigJohn

    Very clean

    1. I like. And I agree with Pondy as well: particularly, I like the idea of including a link in each book’s description that says, “Here are the foreign versions for this book” and then it leads to a separate page for each book OR to an anchor to the particular book on the foreign page.
    2. I would think Infected would be listed before Contagious.
    3. perhaps a prominent link to the discount codes page would be  helpful.
    4. It may seem confusing that the links for The Rookie and The Starter do not give an option to order it from the website itself. The links still exist in the navigation box on the left of every page (Order GFL Books!) but there’s no link on the order page. Perhaps all the remaining Rookie/Starter sales are being funneled through Amazon. That’s fine, but perhaps the nav box should have the links removed in that case.
    5. There are no links to Audible’s audiobooks for Infected and Contagious. 
    6. There is no link for Ancestor, Infected or Contagious at eMusic
    7. There is no link for Ancestor, Infected or Contagious at Simply Audiobooks
    8. Perhaps include a link to the Random House page for an audio sample of Ancestor.


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  9. exotiKali


    I agree with Pondy – I think you should do a separate page for foreign versions.  This page already has enough on it.  And then you could show off the cool foreign covers.  

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  10. sadock

    Much better than the old look

    Having everything on the big table made it look cluttered. I like having fewer products with the covers displayed prominently.


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  12. ScottEPond

    Looks pretty good…

    … nice and tight and easy to read.  

    Any thoughts on making a separate page for the foreign versions? Or doing a link to a separate page for each of the books published in foreign markets?  If you did the second option you could then include the link at the bottom of the information for each of the books.  Each separate page could have the same look as this main page, just with the alternate versions?

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