Embarassing Scott Photos #5

Scott's band pic from college

As we continue in our riveting series of my checkered past, we dive into the college years. This is one of the few pics I have of my “band days” in college. Full-on goatee, and yeah, at one point I had long hair. I was playing bass in a band called “Kid Rhitalin.” We named it thus because three of the four guys were on or had been prescribed for Ritalin. Hence, the picture above of me being a bit hyper is quite fitting.

The makers of Ritalin sent us a cease-and-desist letter, believe it or not — after just one show. This is pre-internet days, so we’re pretty sure some douchebag from the local drugstore saw a flier, and called the company. I begged the band members to keep the name, so we could get publicity, but I was out-voted — seems they didn’t want to take on Big Pharma. Go figure.

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  1. avinjer

    That piece of history must be preserved.

    And also disseminated as widely as possible.
    Ve veri veniversum vivus vici (idea’s cannot be killed)

  2. Scott

    Snipers! To positions!

    Corl, you’ve got to be kidding me that you have tape of this debacle!

  3. deltrimental

    Heh heh. Curly mullet.

    I’ve been there, man. Solidarity.

    [flickr-photo:id=4730034487,size=m] ~S&N Bouncer and Official Hitwoman for the Gutter Sistren~

  4. Carnie

    Did your bands wardrobe draw

    Did your bands wardrobe draw inspiration from jazzercise workout videos?


    Does someone go into the park and, uh… lift up the dinosaurs’ skirts?

  5. athanas

    you didn’t by chance…

    Happen to have an ’83 GMC Vandura with a shag dashboard and a mural of a barbarian hoisting his broadsword to the sky while a half-nekkid buckskin clad maiden was wrapped around his leg, did you?  Maybe also a dragon in the background, or a dark wizard?

    Cause that’s the vibes I’m getting.

  6. MuchAdo


    I’m with you FDO.  You should have kept the name – what great free advertising for the manufacturer.  If that’s they way Big Pharm wants to be I would have changed the name to Writ-A-Lynn! That would have been apropos since they sent you a cease-and-desist letter!


    [flickr-photo:id=3938763689,size=m] and friend of GirlCo’s official mascot

  7. Belladonna420


    * * Head Biker Babe & [flickr-photo:id=4891502501], Dead Sexy Dealer, The Juicer, Co-Founder of the Gutter Sistren & Proud Member of GirlCo. * *

  8. OrbitingDeathFan


     But it’s nice to know the FDO and I have something in common. I also slapa da bass

  9. avinjer

    Where can we get a copy of the first album?

    You had to have made one right?
    Ve veri veniversum vivus vici (idea’s cannot be killed)

  10. Rednut

    That’s a crack up I was

    That’s a crack up I was thinking he looks like the love child of hulk hogan and Jake “the snake” Roberts in this one! (just angrier)

  11. exotiKali

    He just killed a man with it

    The dude requested an ABBA song.  

    [flickr-photo:id=4722743287,size=m] DragonLady of DØØM & Co-Founder of Gutter Sistren

  12. ThMaggot

    You play bass but…

    Where’s the bass? Is it some kind of airband or did you just throw it across the room cause that’s how you roll

    You’re out of luck. Cause this is me not giving a F**k

  13. Jayguana

    Ahh, the glory days of youth! At least you can say you

    where in a band!
    [flickr-photo:id=5021674230,size=m]~Si Vis Pocum, Para Bellum – Jay-Gu-Ana, owner of the Sala Intrigue~

  14. Gmork


    I was trying to think up something snarky but much like phantom, I just kept repeating…”wow”

    I didn’t think the last photo could be topped, but …. wow 

  15. M._Night_Shot-his-wad

    Kid Rhitalin Rocks!

    We need to hear some of your tunes! They must shred!


    M. Night Shot-his-wad

    Running Back for the New Rodina Astronauts #35

  16. ScottEPond

    When I see this one…

    … I distinctly hear the sound of banjos… and beer-cans being crushed on heads.

    Love the doo-rag, bro… very manly!

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  17. Beth_Ailis

    Yeah, the guns are looking pretty pumped!

    If only the band had stayed together…Coulda been our FDO on “Rock of Love”
    [flickr-photo:id=5069365035, size=m] [flickr-photo:id=4347154616] Pusher and member of the Gutter Sistren

  18. phantom_reverie


    Just… Wow.

    The Pure Essence of Randomness, Captain of the Touchback, One-Time Pusher and Proud member of the Gutter Sistren

  19. BigJohn

    What, exactly, are you doing?!

    Did they catch you mid-tapdance or something?



    Gutter Sistren whipping boy, innoventor of words, Life Coach to the Damned.

  20. Wolf

    Uh, does anybody else see

    a resemblance to Bill Engvall?


    Head Coach, Wabash Wolfpack

    Husband of Susan,

    Friend of Junkies everywhere

  21. Belladonna420

    Holy schnikes!!!!

    * * Head Biker Babe & [flickr-photo:id=4891502501], Dead Sexy Dealer, The Juicer, Co-Founder of the Gutter Sistren & Proud Member of GirlCo. * *