Happy Birthday Future Dark Øverlord!

Sometimes Scott swipes my FridayFix™ for something he thinks is pretty cool. Today, to celebrate his birthday, I’m sneaking into the Blog of F**K YEAH! to share this:

There’s tons more well-wishing over on Facebook, and feel free to add your thoughts below if you’d like. Thanks to all the Junkies who sent in videos, and also to everyone who kept the secret plan … secret.

And to the FDØ™: Lá breithe shona, my friend, (that’s Gaelic) and may you have many happy returns of the day.

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  1. Beth_Ailis

    I can’t believe I missed it

    Belated birthday wishes. I’m sure this will mean I’m headed for a grusome ending when you become the one and only DO. Cool video, you know, if the writing thing is taking longer than you want you might consider a Cult of Sigler (churches don’t pay taxes!).

    [flickr-photo:id=5069365035, size=m] [flickr-photo:id=4347154616] Pusher and member of the Gutter Sistren

  2. deltrimental

    That was brilliant!

    Sorry I’m so late to the party in sending my birthday love. Hope it was awesome.

    And I’m really, REALLY sorry that I didn’t have the chance to record a video! Thanks so much, A, for inviting me…but my computer is possessed at the moment (it flatly refused to acknowledge the webcam) and then I went away for a week. Dammit!

    LOVED seeing all the junkies in the flesh. (Although, come to think of it, there probably could have been a little MORE flesh, amirite? Something to keep in mind for next year, maybe).


    [flickr-photo:id=4730034487,size=m] ~S&N Bouncer and Official Hitwoman for the Gutter Sistren~

  3. athanas

    as usual, late to the party

    but regardless, happy belated birthday, patron

  4. w_nightshade

    Well, shit.

    I just realised that I unconsciously cribbed my birthday message from the opening of Ace of Cakes.  Shit.

    Well, fuck it… the sentiment still stands.

    [-Seth The Hammer Hanisek, Fullback, Woo Wallcrawlers]

  5. Mr_Fahrenheit

    Happy B’Day FDO

    I shall sacrifice 100 cute fluffy animals to celebrate. 

    Death, chaos and mayhem, the music of the night

  6. Lucioman

    Happy Birthday, FDO!

    Running just behind, but know that my well-wishing is just as heart-felt. Expect the heart in the mail.  I got it from some hobo.

  7. Avi

    Wishes of a Happy Birthday for the FDO

    Hopefully this almost late wishing grants me a swift death from the dark overlord. I hear the slow ones are no fun. 

  8. traintosanity

    Happy Birthday FDO!

    That certainly was a kick ass vid, but hopefully not near as kick ass as your birthday has been, aside from the dog not letting you sleep in.  Thanks for all the great stories, and thanks for giving me a good excuse to break out the nice whiskey. Sláinte!

    Build a man a fire, warm him for a night.
    Set a man on fire, warm him for the rest of his life.

  9. exotiKali

    Fucking birthdays

    How do they work?

    [flickr-photo:id=4722743287,size=m] DragonLady of DØØM & Co-Founder of Gutter Sistren

  10. Twowire


    I wish I would have save my previous attempts. The bottle of Tuaca was almost full when I started trying to record. If I had to do another take I may have experienced a Vitameatavegamin moment! 🙂

    KISS’d by Sigler. Honored recipient of the 2009 “Iron Man” Award.
    Funky Name Brotha, Gutter Brethren & Pusher Thrice Over!

  11. MarkinStLouis

    Well, the day is almost over, but…

    Wanted to wish you a very happy birthday, and may your name change from FDO to just DO before your next!!!

  12. Tokkan

    Hey, I’m Canadian.

    Us hoseheads have a beer sense, eh? It’s like a spidersense, only a lot more fun.

  13. Tokkan


    YOU HAVE SUCCEEDED IN NOT DYING ANOTHER YEAR. This, obviously, is a good excuse to raise a pint.

    Hope it’s been a good’un, FDØ!

  14. Michelle_Evans

    Happy Birthday!

    Best wishes to the evilest FDO in the universe.

    YUM, Cat Stew

    Twitter name: Muffy57

  15. ThMaggot

    Sweet vid

    Damn if only we would have had a day off for your birthday oh wait we did cos its snowing like a biiiaaacchhh!

    Happy birthday from england man 

  16. tgettys

    Happy Birthday Scott!

    Hope you have a rocking day. Thanks for all the great stories – I recently turned my son onto your books and audiobooks. Now get busy writing – CAN’T WAIT FOR PANDEMIC!

  17. Nemesis0

    nice video and happy birthday

    Great video. Sock puppet is the best.

    Happy birthday to Mr.Sigler. You’re what? 6,312 years old now? I lost track of how old evil is.

  18. dozier1375

    Happy Birthday FDØ

    It was great to be able to put a face with so many other Junkies.

    [flickr-photo:id=5069323983,size=m] The quiet guy in the corner, figuring out how to destroy all of you.

  19. Gmork

    Happy birthday, FDO!

    Feel all the junkie love!

    I think the sock puppet might have been my favorite as well 🙂  But what a great idea.  Thanks A, for the idea and for pulling it off!  Junkies rule

  20. ActinAFool

    Happy EFFIN Birthday

    It means you are one year closer to ruling the world. So go out and celebrate like crazy

  21. ScottEPond

    Happy Effing Birthday, FD∅™, and Many, Many Returns!!!!

    Hope you day is full of fantastical good evilness… or evil goodness… whichever works! Take a well deserved break, sir!

    Awesome idea and job in putting this together, A!  Very nice… always good to see the faces behind the Junkie names…

    And Coxy… that was as disturbing as ever… bravo sir!

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  22. exotiKali

    It touched me, too.

    And I’m still trying to figure out how it got inside my house.

    [flickr-photo:id=4722743287,size=m] DragonLady of DØØM & Co-Founder of Gutter Sistren

  23. Rockto3.14

    Happy Birthday!

    Although I don’t have any cool videos to post, I’ll try to celebrate the 2nd best way: Enjoying your fiction (which will either be Kraking (get it?) open my copy of ‘The Rookie’ or trying to get caught up on the Ancestor podcasts).

  24. BigJohn

    Happy Birthday!


    Thanks for putting that together, A!

    And have a great day, Scott – you can go to bed early if you want to.


    Gutter Sistren whipping boy, innoventor of words, Life Coach to the Damned.

  25. Scott

    Totally bad-ass

    My Døg of Evil had my ass up at 5:45am this morning. She didn’t get the fucking memo that on your birthday, you get to sleep in. Well, that little bitch (and I mean that only in the most factual-nomenclatury way) was defeated by a metric crapload of Junkies wishing me a video happy birthday.

    RAWK! That was the coolest gift ever. Here’s a video I recorded while on the Mean Streets of San Francisco, walking said Døg, to say “thanks.”

  26. SynapticJam

    I think the sock puppet was my favorite.

    Don’t know why…  but it just touched me… ya know?

    hhhmmm…  SynapticJam on Toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken (aka PUVJK)

  27. NeilColquhoun

    Happy Birthday Scott & A rocks…

    Well, I’ll wish the FDO a Happy Birthday from Scotland – hopefully Scott will visit here for a tour sometime! 

    We have whisky – mmmm… tasty!


    And A – well done on putting the video together.

  28. richno3

    Happy Birthday Scott

    Hope you have a wonderfull day.

    [flickr-photo:id=5037197887,size=m] Wolfpack Quarterback

  29. Shadygirl

    Happy Birthday Scott!

    My your day be filled with lots of beer and fun, and beer.

    [flickr-photo:id=3710325452,size=m] [flickr-photo:id=4738086914,size=m]

  30. w_nightshade


    I hope A shows you my unedited video at some point.  Happy Birthday, young man!  [-Seth The Hammer Hanisek, Fullback, Woo Wallcrawlers]

  31. Belladonna420

    Happy birthday Scott!

    I hope you have a wonderfully evil day and here’s to another year of writing awesome stories!!  Kiss

    Head Biker Babe & [flickr-photo:id=4891502501], Dead Sexy Dealer, The Juicer, Co-Founder of the Gutter Sistren & Proud Member of GirlCo.

  32. phantom_reverie

    Happy Birthday FDO!!

    Awesome work on the video, A! And FDO – have a wonderful day!!!

    The Pure Essence of Randomness, Captain of the Touchback, One-Time Pusher and Proud member of the Gutter Sistren

  33. GJ

    love it!

    Especially synapticjam! Made me laugh out loud in the office! Great work everyone!

    Happy birthday Scott! I don’t sing for just anyone you know?!

    Ooh Bells, loved your song too! I’ll be singing that all day, “you’ll rule the world one day, I know”!


  34. exotiKali

    Woo -hoo! Happy F**King Birthday FDO!

    Awesome vid, A.  Love the comic book style.  


    [flickr-photo:id=4722743287,size=m] DragonLady of DØØM & Co-Founder of Gutter Sistren