The ANCESTOR contest is still GOING STRONG!

Junkies, just a quick update. Things are still cooking for that nook, I’ll tell ya. It is sweet: signed (defaced) by me, with my personalized mp3 message to the winner (PG-13 can’t be gauranteed) AND exclusive content.

As ARealGirl told you last week, Dark Øverlord Media has teamed up with to bring you the Back ANCESTOR contest.

In just the first week, here’s the destruction wrought:[img_assist|nid=4030|title=|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=160|height=250]

You drove 11151 views to the ANCESTOR page and at least 128 Junkies have signed up to try and win the NOOK e-reader by backing ANCESTOR.

The current leaders are rockin’:

fmslife 2924 pts
Joseph Aldred 1748 pts
Dave_Fernandes 666 pt
alicebacksbooks 376 pts
necol66 288 pts

There’s still plenty of time left to compete (until 8/16), and we’ve seen people rise quickly to the top. Get in on this!

Contest page here. Director of Døøm instructional post here.

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  1. NeilColquhoun

    A journal post about Ancestor.

    Hey there, Scott and the gang

    I’ve written another post trying to drive people to the site for Ancestor.

    If you want to view it, here’s the link

    All the little bits of promotion soon mount up and I hope it works with people going to the BackMyBook site. And hopefully they will go further and join this site as a Junkie, listen to the audiobooks and end up buying the physical versions.

    Every little helps.



  2. NeilColquhoun

    Doing my bit…

    but I’ll have to go some to catch the leader!

    How has he racked up so many points, I wonder?


    I’ve already offered to give my crack hit points to someone who helps me get the reader (no takers…!) but the guy in the lead must be doing something really inventive!