I know I’ve been telling many of you for months that the ANCESTOR audio CDs would be out on June 22, because that’s what I was told repeatedly by the publisher. After continued pressing to find out why they weren’t on or in stores, I finally got some feedback from Tara Argoskin of Random House Audio.

Turns out ANCESTOR will only be available as an audio download, part of a continuing trend in publishing.

“The audio industry is going through some extreme changes and our entire business is shifting towards digital,” Argoskin said. “I often ask people, ‘when’s the last time you went to the store and bought a CD of your favorite band?’ and the answer is always the same, ‘I can’t remember, I buy everything on iTunes for years now.’ The same rings true with audio content.”

This makes sense to me. I apologize for telling many of you that the CDs would be out. I asked repeatedly, and that’s what I’d been told all along. It’s not a big deal, considering that the industry is shifting, but it’s annoying when I pass on incorrect information to you guys.

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  1. deltrimental

    On re-reading my original post…

    I just wanted to clarify that I don’t have a problem with electronic books/music/etc – it’s only that I don’t like the idea of publishers prioritising electronic versions and (eventually) ‘phasing out’ physical versions. I’m one of those ‘few’ who bought Scott’s books before listening to his free podcasts. And I have to admit, while I have certainly enjoyed the podcasts, for ME it will never compare to holding an actual book in my hands. I love books. I also collect old books and I can’t help but wonder…what happens when current e-book software becomes outdated and publishers don’t feel that certain authors are ‘worthy’ of reproduction in the new software (as happened with cassettes and videos)? Do we lose their stories forever? 
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  2. coxbrother


    I gathered most all of the ones I used from this site but let me see if I can upload them to my Flikr and send you a link


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  3. NeilColquhoun

    Your artwork!

    The artwork you have for your cd’s looks awesome.

    Is there any chance you could give me the images for my cd’s?


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  4. NeilColquhoun

    I agree with you…

    As much as I like the convenient nature of all things digital, there is nothing better than a physical copy of a book or a cd.

    In the FDO’s case, by purchasing the books we are not only helping him carry on to write more, but we are also making it worthwhile for him to release more free content. And, I think that a hell of a lot of people first heard of the FDO through the podcasts (I know there will be a few who bought books first), therefore in order to get this free content we must do our bit and support Scott.

    There always be people who just listen to the podcasts, for whatever reason, but we should be supporting an author/artist/band by buying some of their products.

    The internet is a huge tool for any artist and allows access to a huge number of people, so the promoters of those artists are within their rights to use this medium to push the product. But there are people who like to hold the product in their hands – I am one. If those people don’t purchase the physical edition, as Scott has recently highlighted with the figures for Ancestor, then the danger is that promotors will lean more toward a purely digital product. And, I agree that is not the way to go. It has to be a mixture.

    It is up to the consumer to ensure that there is a demand for a physical product by buying the books.

    And I for one will continue to buy the books – and let’s face it Junkies: they are lovely to look at at on the shelf! But I also like the digital stuff and Scott can push a lot of content out that way. It’s a mix but support the FDO.



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  5. deltrimental

    I’m with you.

    Call me old-fashioned, but I much prefer ‘real’ books and CDs. Also, I’ve never owned an iPod and until very recently I didn’t have access to broadband internet. Publishers seem to think they’re increasing readership/listeners by making cheap downloads available – but it makes books and music LESS accessible to poor folk and to those living in regional/rural areas. In order to get your ‘cheap’ download, you need a computer and/or iPod and a fast internet connection (with a large download limit) which aren’t readily available to everyone, especially to those with little disposable income. It also impacts on ‘impulse buying’… I used to buy $4 CD singles, for example, every time I walked into a music store. Nowadays, I can’t afford to buy a $35 CD album, so I don’t buy anything at all.

    I know country people are a minority, but poor people certainly aren’t! And what about developing countries? Paperbacks and CDs at least have the potential to reach developing countries via donations and tourism. Downloads don’t. Sorry for the rant, but I have real issues with limiting the world’s access to music and reading material. grrrr
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  6. Belladonna420

    That’s the plan!!

    But I have to put the right labels on the right podcasts!  Silly me!!!!  Tongue out Hmmm…. I think I’m gonna print the new label right now!
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  7. athanas


    bloody genius, this is!
    (right!  No printer….)

    You could turn Ancestor into a 2 disc set: one for the original and one for the rewrite.


  8. Scott

    It IS a trilogy!

    Jackie, I’m already working on the third “Triangle Book.” This one is called PANDEMIC. It will be out Haloween 2011.

  9. NeilColquhoun

    And they are awesome!

    I’m definitely making some now!

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  10. Belladonna420

    Oh, and here’s the pic I used

    for the Title Fight CD.

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  11. Belladonna420

    Here are the ones I made a while back.

    I realized, after the fact, that I should have used the original Ancestor artwork since it’s the original Ancestor podcast.  I still have to make a new label for that one….

    [flickr-photo:id=4161272344,size=m]  [flickr-photo:id=4158855869,size=m]
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  12. Rockto3.14

    Saddening news

    I personally don’t like how the audio entertainment industry is moving towards downloads.  I much prefer the “old fashioned” physical CDs.  They turned out to be pretty useful when I lost my laptop (and therefore my iTunes) for a month, but could still listen to music via CD.


    And yes, I know that I could just burn my own CDs, but it’s just not the same…


    As for the last time I went out and bought a physical CD, that would be 3 months ago, when I went to a Borders to buy the soundtrack to Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

  13. phantom_reverie

    Those are Awesome!!

    Very nice work – I like it!


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  14. coxbrother

    Thank you kind sir

    There are a few more that could be made. Like Bloodcast or a Title Fight only cd. It’s just hard because there are limited pics to snag to make it “look” Siglerish. Fun none the less


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  15. NeilColquhoun

    Nice, now I’m gonna make some!

    WOW, they look great my friend.

    Well done.

    Now, I’m going to have to make some.

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  16. coxbrother



    Drop your socks and grab your… Copy of Ancestor! Owner of the Isis Ice Storm [flickr-photo:id=4779220092,size=m] Puller of strings

  17. NeilColquhoun

    We’re trying to help but…

    … it seems as if you’re getting your ass kicked.

    Re. the other comments – you’re getting worked over man.

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  18. PerfectDayForDying

    Scott, I hate to say it but…

    … it sounds like you’re getting royally screwed by your publishers. Crown screwed the pooch big-time on the Ancestor launch, and now you find out that Random House is not going to produce physical CDs for the audiobook (which means no physical presence in brick & mortar stores). you deserve better than this kind of treatment.

    **Just direct-a your feetza to Daddy Greene’s Pizza!**

  19. BadAssMotherFuckerInCharge


    When did CDs become “Old School”?

    I also have Infected. Or, is that an infection?

  20. Scott

    We have the finalists, but are checking a few things

    We have logged the ten videos with the most views. We have a problem in that some people used bot-nets to crank up their views. A and I are trying to figure out how to handle this. We don’t think people should be rewarded for cheating, but at the same time we did specifically say “view count.” So we need to put some thought into how to handle it.

  21. traintosanity

    I still buy CDs…

    Dunno why, but I still like the idea of having the physical copy on hand.  Maybe it fits into my pack-rat nature.  But yeah, the shifting trend does make sense.  I just never buy audiobooks because I enjoy reading the physical books and the audiobooks are often quite expensive.

    I have to say though, Ancestor (the previous version) was the first audiobook I not only listened to completely but thoroughly enjoyed.  Alternating reading my shiny new hardcover of Ancestor with listening to Earthcore in my free time lately.

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  22. coxbrother

    it’s all good

    I will still buy it that way. Burn it. Make a cool ass case and mount it beside the Infected and Contagious cd’s I bought. Not trying to press but do you know when its going to be available for purchase?

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