ANCESTOR pre-order contest winners

We have a winnnahhhh! Ten of them, actually, plus a bonus winner because we at Dark Øverlord Media are bad at math. Enjoy the video. If you want to download it in all its glory, click here. We will announce the ANCESTOR cover photo contest soon, so pipe down back there before I have to stop this car.

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  1. Scott

    Damn you and your good points …

    Fine FINE FINE! Okay, so all you Europeans buy my books and now I have to return the favor. DAMMIT! I will cease whining, and start shipping.

  2. Shadygirl

    That’s right!

    And CB can be a sneaky one when he needs too.

    [flickr-photo:id=3710325452,size=m] [flickr-photo:id=4738086914,size=m]

  3. stephenmid

    A Fair Roll of the Dice

    Pedantically, all the dice should have been rolled again when an impossible number came up (high five hundreds). Not doing so gave an advantage to all those in the five hundreds – think about the maths.

    That’s enough. It was a great competition and it’s great that Scott can’t count…

    Also he shouldn’t moan about the overseas winners, we paid for more expensive US postage to get our books and enter the contest.

    May be he should hand deliver the European prizes….

    FDO stay happy and mean

  4. Gmork


    Ok, dude….you’ve got mad skillz, but if you came out in this singlet you might just win…cause I would pass out from laughing so hard.




    Fuck, now it’s like the Manicorn… I can’t look away!!! btw, is that the river Styx on the bum?… oh, great now I’m analyzing this thing!!! Look away! Look away, Gmork!!
    Gmork – Wiki Czar and Thwackacutioner

  5. Gmork


    I forgot…you mess with the shady, you get the CLAN!! lol
    Gmork – Wiki Czar and Thwackacutioner

  6. Shadygirl

    Battle time!

    I think we will have a serious battle going here. We will have to fight long and hard for the Genada drive. (JP, make sure CB knows where that drive is while we are battling it out.)

    [flickr-photo:id=3710325452,size=m] [flickr-photo:id=4738086914,size=m]

  7. Wolf

    Holy shite!

    I’m skeert already!


    Head Coach

    Wabash Wolfpack

    Friend of MuchAdo

  8. Wolf

    I’ll take your word for it

    but why would you want to win?[flickr-photo:id=3383210176,size=m]
    Head Coach

    Wabash Wolfpack

    Friend of MuchAdo

  9. Wolf


    Mallow says he wants in!!


    Head Coach

    Wabash Wolfpack

    Friend of MuchAdo

  10. Gmork

    watch it, woman!

    We can make this a cage match if we have to!! Tongue out
    Gmork – Wiki Czar and Thwackacutioner

  11. Shadygirl

    Hey JP!

    Maybe while these two are distracted battling it out, we can make off with the Genada drive.

    [flickr-photo:id=3710325452,size=m] [flickr-photo:id=4738086914,size=m]

  12. Wolf

    With all due respect to Kevinesque,

    my money’s on GirlCo!

    (Hey, with that killer mascot, how could you lose?)


    Head Coach

    Wabash Wolfpack

    Friend of MuchAdo

  13. Gmork

    The Octagon

    I’m threatening Kevinesque (on Twitter) with bodily harm in a fair MMA style match in order to get my hands on that little slice of deliciousness.  Details are sparse but we may have an event scheduled at Dragon*Con.

    There will be blood!

    Tongue out
    Gmork – Wiki Czar and Thwackacutioner

  14. Wolf

    Way to go, Kevin……

    (but you’re still a rat-bastard!)


    Head Coach

    Wabash Wolfpack

    Friend of MuchAdo

  15. JustTerry

    way to cool

    Like someone else said, unless there are two Terry bruce’s that entered I won..

    I may need a moment alone



  16. MuchAdo

    But there is no joy

    in HOUSTON — mighty MUCHADO has struck out.  I would say Congrats to the winners but………I agree with Gmork!

    [flickr-photo:id=3938763689,size=m] and friend of GirlCo’s official mascot

  17. w_nightshade

    And there was much rejoicing

    The winners don’t need my congratulations, they got a shitload of free stuff!

    [-Seth Hanisek, Fullback, Woo Wallcrawlers (#152, p171 bitches!)]

  18. Kevinesque


    Must admit… that was pretty freakin cool 🙂  Thx FDO!

  19. BADGER

    holy shit

    unless there are 2 dale bennetts in england, who pre ordered ancestor then i think i just who a shit load of swag, damn it feels good

  20. deltrimental

    I agree with everyone else

    Rat bastards, the lot of you! :p
    Not that I can complain – this broke-arse Junkie didn’t even enter. I’ll get my copy as soon as I get the cash. Congrats to all the winners!
    ~Book nerd, boozehound, gamer, slapper, sandgroper, accident waiting to happen~

  21. Lucifer


    The contest was rigged, cuz I didn’t win!!!



    Congrats to the winners.


    Cogito Ergo Zoom – I Think Therefore I Go Fast

  22. Gmork

    I agree…

    …and I think it’s awesome that counting has been added to the Author Boot Camp classes our FDO co-teaches.  

    Take a look at the current teaching objectives:

    In this course you will learn:

    • How to create your own audiobook to sell or give away using online distribution and promotion
    • How to count to 10 (essential for promotional success)
    • Successful strategies for creating a network of online fans who will want to buy your book
    • The tools you should use to record your reading and how to use them
    • Tips for creating the best sound quality
    • How to edit your flubs and flips to create careful, quality chapters and…
    • How to combine chapters with intros, outros and promotion to create fun weekly episodes that will get listeners involved

    Tongue out

  23. Belladonna420

    I agree with Gmork!

    You’re all rat bastards!!!  But congrats anyway!  Wink
    Head Biker Babe of the Chang Bangers Bike Club, Dead Sexy Dealer, The Juicer & Co-Founder of the Gutter Sistren

  24. Tokkan

    Silver lining!

    If all I got for preordering my copy of Ancestor was a copy of Ancestor, I’M OK WITH THAT.

  25. sotonrich

    Congrats winners

    especially those in my home country…the mighty England. I hear the FDO is selling a kidney to pay for the shipping, ironic considering the subject of Ancestor Wink

  26. Twowire


    Congrats Kevinesque and all you other lucky suckers!!!  I mean that in a wholeheartedly jealous way! :p


    A and Arioch rock’n in the Kraken colors!!

    KISS’d by Sigler. Honored recipient of the 2009 “Iron Man” Award.
    Funky Name Brotha, Gutter Brethren & Pusher Twice Over!

  27. UnknownVariable

    Once again the FDO proves his Awesomeness

    I think it’s pretty awesome you gave a partial Prize Pack to winner #11.  Once again Alcohol results in a happy ending! 



    Owner of the Themela Dreadnaughts

    All Hail the FDØ!

  28. Gmork

    Congrats winners!

    you rat bastards!! lol…Seriously, though…enjoy all that awesome swag!
    Gmork – Wiki Czar and Thwackacutioner

  29. BigJohn

    Congratulations to the winners!


    The Future Dark Overlord’s contests are so awesome, they go to 11.


    Gutter Sistren whipping boy, innoventor of words, Life Coach to the Damned.

  30. indybyteman


    I cannot even begin to explain the joy at seeing my name read as one of the winners. Fuck Yeah!


    ———————- I don’t want to mess with your mind, I want to mess with your life!

  31. NeilColquhoun

    Congratulation to the winners!

    Well done to al who won!

    I’m jealous – I really wanted an Ancestor white cover!

    Mr Fast Fingers (title bestowed upon me by guestford_junkie)

  32. EnglishNerd


    I can control your mind so that I inadvertently win fantastic, surprise prizes.

    Be terrified.

  33. ScottEPond


    I can’t see the video at work… the IT nazis block all streaming content… that is so un-American!

    ARGH!!!!!! Now I have to wait until I get home in 5 hours to see who won… oh, the humanity!!!!

    BTW: A preemptive congratulations to the winners… you rawk and I’m so ::jealous:: (in the most likely case that I’m not one of the winnahs!)!!!


    [flickr-photo:id=4730644738,size=m] • SciFiGeek2.0 • Artist for the Damned • Linebacker for the Mars Planets

  34. Jakl

    OH MY GOD!!!!

    I can not believe I won! This makes me the happiest person alive!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  35. coxbrother


    You rotten bastards! jelous much? not too much? aaahhh much too much.

    *evil eye*

    Take no prisoners. Take no ….jello-us! Owner of the Isis Ice Storm [flickr-photo:id=4729847729,size=m] Puller of strings

  36. JP

    Congrats to

    all the winners!  And the additional, devious, mind-controlling winner too!  

    MC; CA; Member of the Wolf Pack; UNdead Jester and Love Slave of the UNdead Grave Mother