Dear Junkies, THANK YOU!

Junkies, I wanted you to see the dedication page for ANCESTOR. The book is dedicated to all of you. You are all a huge part of my life, and I wanted the world to know who really matters in the religion known as Siglerism.

The dedication page for Scott Sigler's ANCESTOR

If you bought ANCESTOR, if you’re going to buy, enjoy the read. And thanks again for being so fucking awesome.

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  1. GJ

    What we need now is each & every one of the 7664 junkies

    to go out and buy a copy and perhaps one for a friend to show support as the FDO and the team. They are working thier butt’s off right now and must be starting to feel the burn – so cmon dig deep everyone and show your appreciation by spending some of your hard earned cash on a copy (or two)!! Kiss

    Oh ok…. and if it helps **flashes boobs**

  2. Scott


    I don’t mind being listed under “Horror,” not at all. You could put my books under “thriller” or “scifi” as well, but horror is a good home. Thanks for buying in the store!

  3. Scott

    Awww gawrsh!

    Guestoford, thanks for the kind words. So fun to see old-school fans chime in.

  4. GJ

    No No No – Thank YOU Scott

    for all your hard work and dedication and getting the regular content out there –  you work non stop and us junkies are proud of you!

  5. Big_Wayne



     I gotta say, Thats FKN AWSOME. I been promo’ing siglerism in my travels up and down tha east coast at any oppertunity but this ( as previousle stated)makes me “DAM PROUD TO BE A JUNKIE”

    Got hooked via the audio feeds, nothing like free but even I have bought the last three to promo the FDO. If your reading this than you are probably a fan, but have you promo’d the FDO today??? Get out and do it.

                                                      Thanks for the shout out and all you work, just

                                                                   WORK HARDER, WORK FASTER….


  6. ChrisToohey

    Read this on my very own pre-ordered copy today…

    — and it screamed “class”. Not Tuaca-stank’ed-“houza boudat for some clazz?”-“class”, but “class” from a true talent that appreciates his eager and loyal fans.

    Here’s to hoping we shatter all NYT records!

    -Chris Toohey
    Blogger : Podcaster : Geek

  7. athanas

    Hellz yes!

    If I don’t eat it all now, I can finish it later.

    the trick to staying sane is to just out-crazy the world

  8. Gmork

    Feeling the Junkie love!

    It just got all warm and fuzzy up in this place! Seriously, though, how outstanding is a dedication like that? For all the people the FDO has to personally thank and he gives the dedication to the Junkies.  That’s why we keep coming back for more. You rock and roll, FDO.
    Gmork – Wiki Czar and Thwackacutioner

  9. NeilColquhoun

    Any ideas…

    or are you being clever with your post?



    ———————————————————————————————– Mr Fast Fingers

  10. TexZen

    Never thought I would ever say this…

    But I’m damn’ proud to be a junkie.

    Ancestor books bought.

    Thank you for all of the entertainment.  

    See you in San Antonio this Saturday!  m/O.Om/ You rock Sigler.

  11. McButterFinger


    Thanks for all the great work, Scott!

    I went for the Full-Monty Retail version, on Day One.  BTW, Borders has your books filed under Horror, not SciFi (as I had assumed).

    Come to think of it, considering the beasties involved here, I’d say they got it right, eh?

    PS.  Dying for CRYPT #2… yeah, yeah.  I know, dad.  Patience is a virtue…  damn.

  12. exotiKali

    Would you like to Super-size that Crack?

    Wait …. what? 


    Ethereal Undead Brain Zombie, Geisha of DØØM, Two-Handed Twacker, High Priestess With Crack, Third Wave Pusher, Boo Boo Kitty F*ck, Dark Goddess of Perversity & Co-Founder of Gutter Sistren [flickr-photo:id=4722743287,size=m]

  13. Twowire

    Thank you FDO!

    We appreciate everything you’ve done for us over the last 29yrs, you rock! 🙂

    Yeez, my captcha was “that celibate”?

    KISS’d by Sigler. Honored recipient of the 2009 “Iron Man” Award.
    Funky Name Brotha, Gutter Brethren & Pusher Twice Over!

  14. tsolo888

    I was just telling my carpool buddie

    How awesome you are and how you have already reached a level where you could coast on what you have already accomplished, but that you haven’t and your level of dedication to the fans(Junkies) is still top notch.  I can’t say it any better than the people before me, but the thanks all go to you and your loyalty to the Junkies…Tsolo888 <AKA Cpt. Travis Ellis> – Out

  15. athanas

    make that 2!

    the trick to staying sane is to just out-crazy the world

  16. BigJohn

    I agree!


    I think you Highland Lowlifes need a clever name, too!


    Gutter Sistren whipping boy, innoventor of words, Life Coach to the Damned.

  17. BigJohn

    That hits it on the head


    It puts the lotion in the basket.

    OH, wait…nevermind.

    Um, what i wanted to say is that s13cybergal said it perfectly – the personal attention and your accessibility make you like no other. I love how you continue to set the standard and are so well-respected by your fellow authors. I’m looking forward to remaining a faithful, addicted junkie for many years to come.


    Gutter Sistren whipping boy, innoventor of words, Life Coach to the Damned.

  18. BigJohn

    May I take your order?


    “Yes, I’ll have the…um…High Priestess.”

    Would you like Crack with that?

    “Oh, yes. High Priestess with crack.”

    Is that for here or to go.

    “Umm…I’ll take it with me in the gutter, thanks.”


    Gutter Sistren whipping boy, innoventor of words, Life Coach to the Damned.

  19. StephenK


    I look forward to seeing dedications like that on many many more books. NYT Best Sellers list? Pah! They’re gonna need a bigger list 😉

  20. NeilColquhoun

    A Scottish Junkie clan?

    Hey, we Scottish Junkies should have our own clan – a name to put on the bottom of our posts!

    If you’re reading this Oh great FDO, any suggestions for the name?


  21. w_nightshade

    Make that two

    Getting us involved, keeping us informed, it all makes us feel like part of a family.  A seriously fucked up dysfunctional family, with a larger proportion of crrepy uncles and alcoholic aunts, but a fimaily nevertheless. 

    Scotland Junkies, Unite!  [-Seth Hanisek, Fullback, Woo Wallcrawlers (#152, p171 bitches!)]

  22. NeilColquhoun

    New title!

    I see you now have the ‘High Priestess with Crack’ title – well done!

  23. s13cybergal

    Scott I appreciate how hard you work & your attention to us.

    It started when I listened to Earthcore. I love your “… turn it off NOW pussy” attitudee. But your persoonal attention to me, as a fan still blows me away.

    When I see a really twisted news story I think you can use, I shoot a link over to you. More then once you’ve written back. I am always touched by that. Even a short email takes time and as you get more popular there are more of us, but still only one of you. Its personal.

    THANK YOU for not OVER-advertising and I know you won’t EVER use voice response on phone: “Your call is very important … BAAAH!

    Probably leave something like: “Busy having sex, right now, I don’t care what you want…”

    Ah, irreverent, disrespectful and crude! “That’s my Sigler”.


    “Defeat HELL! I’m advancing to the rear.” –Gen. George Patton

  24. s13cybergal

    SynapticJam: That was exactly what I would have said…

    if I was smart enough to craft such great prose!


    “Defeat HELL! I’m advancing to the rear.” –Gen. George Patton

  25. deltrimental

    I’m only a brand new Junkie…

    …but I’m sooo glad that you introduced me to your work. I’m still ashamed that I hadn’t even heard of you when we met! I’ll never live that down. LOL

    Also, thanks heaps for introducing me to podcasts/audiobooks. I had never listened to a podcast before – didn’t even know what one *was*, to tell the truth – and I’ve since discovered there’s a whole world of books out there that I was missing out on. I’m loving catching up on all your older stories, and the stories of other authors that you and other Junkies have promoted.

    Thank you. You rock.

    ~Book nerd, boozehound, gamer, slapper, sandgroper, accident waiting to happen~

  26. Vercongetorix

    Thanks Scott!!

    I’ve not heard of another author who cares this much about their fans. It’s amazing Scott, it really is. Thank you again FDO

  27. exotiKali

    Thank *you*, Scott

    For your kick-ass stories, your copius amounts of free fiction for the last 28 years, your attention to us Junkies and for giving us THE BEST FUCKING PLACE ON THE ENTIRE INTERNET, no, THE BEST FUCKING PLACE IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE to hang out! 


    Ethereal Undead Brain Zombie, Geisha of DØØM, Two-Handed Twacker, High Priestess With Crack, Third Wave Pusher, Boo Boo Kitty F*ck, Dark Goddess of Perversity & Co-Founder of Gutter Sistren [flickr-photo:id=4720241222,size=m]

  28. athanas

    nice catch. 😉

    the trick to staying sane is to just out-crazy the world

  29. M._Night_Shot-his-wad

    Thanks Scott

    You blow me away with how much work you put into not just your fiction, but the whole Junkie experience. Its so fucking fun!

    M. Night Shot-his-wad

  30. phantom_reverie


    Scott, you are all sorts of awesome!


    The Pure Essence of Randomness, Captain of the Touchback, Pusher and Proud member of the Gutter Sistren

    “But I’m always dreaming. Even when I’m awake.”

  31. ScottEPond

    That is so Awesome, Boss! You Absolutely RAWK!

    We are, of course, honored more than mere words can say.

    So instead, we’ll go out and pimp your fantastic work and purchase copious amounts of your treeware to show you how much it means to us…

    Or for many of us, we’ll continue to do so…

    Thank you Sir! May we all die glorious and graphic deaths at your word!

    Road Captain for the Chang Bangers Bike Club • SciFiGeek2.0 • Artist for the Damned • Linebacker for the Mars Planets


  32. NeilColquhoun

    Thanks Boss, from Scotland.

    I’ll echo all the other posts and say “THANK YOU” all the way from Scotland!

  33. athanas

    Pleasure’s all on this side of the table, boss

    You’ve been doing something right all these years to turn us until a frothing mob ready to do your bidding, (though I may start quesiton things if we’re ever asked to take out a chain coffee store or hit you as hard as I can,).

    the trick to staying sane is to just out-crazy the world

  34. Belladonna420

    No, thank you

    for all your hard work!!  You are the most fan-centric author I know and that’s only one of the reasons your Junkies love you!

    Dead Sexy Dealer, The Juicer & Co-Founder of the Gutter Sistren

  35. BigJohn



    It’s an ALL junkie shout-out!


    Gutter Sistren whipping boy, innoventor of words, Life Coach to the Damned.

  36. sadock

    Fiction switch ACTIVATED – Prepare for Fun!


  37. Tangent & Funky Name Brother; Founder of the Gutter Brethren; Frequent [flickr-photo:id=3274749401,size=m]
  38. sadock

    Does this mean that Frank Miller is a Junkie?

    I wouldn’t be surprised in the least. His style and yours complement one another fairly well.


  39. Tangent & Funky Name Brother; Founder of the Gutter Brethren; Frequent [flickr-photo:id=3274749401,size=m]
  40. PerfectDayForDying

    Thank YOU, Scott!

    Before a friend suggested I listen to Infected, I’d had no interest in fiction literature for years. Your work turned that switch back on for me.

    **Just direct-a your feetza to Daddy Greene’s Pizza!**

  41. SynapticJam

    We are honored good sir…

    May our symbiotic, yet strangely codependent relationship flourish as Siglerism takes over the world.

    hhhmmm…  SynapticJam on Toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken (aka PUVJK) #2 or 3 in crack hits (Special?  Ain’t I just)  Multiple S.H.I.T. Award Recipient!  Double Dipper and Triple Threat!  All-around uberjunkie!

  42. Shadygirl


    You rock beyond words! I can’t wait to get our books!


    [flickr-photo:id=3710325452,size=m] and UNdead Grave Mother


    “I’m gonna show him what a little girl’s made of, gunpowder and lead”- Miranda Lambert