Out now: 7th SON: DESCENT by J.C. Hutchins

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NOVEL: 7th Son: Descent
AUTHOR: J.C. Hutchins
RATING: Five out of five Siggies

There are very few harder working writers then the baby-faced bastard known as J.C. Hutchins. Yes, I know, he’s my “arch nemesis,” but sometimes you have to give credit where credit is due. Today his novel 7th SON: DESCENT comes out in paperback. You should go buy a copy, and I’ll tell you whyl

Hutchinsss is one of the early pioneers of podcasts novels, and this book is a long time in coming. The crotchety fucks in the publishing industry think they can hold content for ransom, shake money out of your pockets in exchange for lazy, trite, re-hashed stories and expect you to kiss their wrinkled-old ass for that honor. Hutch, on the other hand, chooses to prove the value of his storytelling skills by giving his stuff away, for free. If you like his free creations, odds are you’re willing to go shell out a few bucks to get his work in print.

Hutchins gave away the entire 7th SON trilogy as a free podcast. That podcast generated an audience, and that audience landed him a print deal with a major publisher — St. Martin’s Press. And now, the same book he gave away for free will be on the shelves of every major bookstore in the US and Canda.

That’s right, Junkies, Hutch — like your ever-lovin’ FDO™ — lets you decide where to spend your money. Try that shit for free. Don’t like it? Move on. Love it? Buy a book to support him so he can make more goodies for you.

And just to show you the Baby-Faced Bastard hasn’t sold out, I’m adding a TenChapter Special Edition PDF of 7TH SON: DESCENT to the Sigler feed. Try it, see if you like it. He’s also giving away the whole darn thing as a Google Book.

I’m off to buy me some Hutchins books in print. See y’all in the brick-and-mortar aisles.

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