AUDIO: Death & Scott Sigler

Junkie Mae’s Chop Shop is a fan-cast about Sigler fiction. Mae Breakall is the hostess, and she reads Siglerverse fan-fic by a several authors (and apparently you can submit your Sigler fan-fiction to her for consideration). She just posted a story by PG Holyfield (author of MURDER AT AVEDON HILL) called "Death & Scott Sigler." PG wrote this story a few years back and I ran it in the feed, but it’s been a long time and a lot of newer Junkies probably haven’t heard it. It’s a total blast, he did a rock-star job on it.

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  1. mspence

    The story continues to impress.

    This was my introduction to the work of P.G. Holyfield, who in his quiet way continues to impress me with his creativity and tilted perspective. It also warns me to be careful whom I ride in elevators with…