Thanks, RDQ™! Junkie Mae to focus on fan cast.

[img_assist|nid=3076|title=Scott Scott & Mae|desc=The Breakalls (#16 and #.5) will be focusing on Junkie Mae’s Chop Shop, a podcast of Sigler fan fiction|link=none|align=right|width=240|height=180]Click & Listen: THANK YOU, MAE!

A big change in Siglerism: Long-time Junkie Mae Breakall, the host of the Sigler fan-fiction podcast "Junkie Mae’s Chop Shop," has been the personal assistant to the FDO™ for a couple of years now. She’s movin’ on, and movin’ on up, and will no longer do that gig.

Why? As her podcast has developed (nine episodes!), it seemed clear that Mae and her husband Scott (who produces Junkie Mae’s Chop Shop) were doing something very cool in helping fans get their Siglerverse stories to a large audience. I wanted to make sure they had full creative control to do whaterver the hell they wanted with the podcast — no looming shadow of the FDO™ that might affect choices of story or tone.

I also realized there needed to be a clear deliniation between what I do and these fan-generated stories, lest some future miscreant think I’m lawsuit material. Therefore, Junkie Mae, the RDQ™, #.5 for the Krakens is a personal assistant no more — she’s the hostess with the mostest!

Thanks for all the help Mae & Scott. You guys rock, I’m a fan of your show and can’t wait to listen to more.

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  1. Carnie

     Love the Chop Shop, she

     Love the Chop Shop, she tells the stories really well. I hope you guys have a fun and safe trip and can’t wait for the next installment!


    Does someone go into the park and, uh… lift up the dinosaurs’ skirts?

  2. I_AM---

    Gotta Love the Chop Shop

    Thanks for the Update!!!! 

    Love hearing that awesome voice giving us those awesome stories.



  3. ogreoregon

    Awesome Mae!!

    Looking forward to Chop Shop on a regular basis! I love the Siglerverse and will enjoy hearing more of the AWESOME Junky fan fiction… The Fan is really so interesting I am so glad you are back with providing this storey to me again…It is not like I am addicted or anything.
    *I am the Rear Admiral but Sigler gives the Orders*

  4. Shadygirl

    Hey Mae!

    All the best! Looking forward to seeing all the new stuff you are going to do!!!

    [flickr-photo:id=3710325452,size=m] and UNdead Grave Mother

  5. Twowire

    Mae is the awesome!

    Looking forward to more Chop Shop. Hope you guys have a blast in Manila!


    KISS’d by Sigler. Pusher twice over. UNdead Advisor to the King Of UNdead for Sigler.


  6. Gmork

    You go girl!

    All the best on your future endeavors, RDQ! Smile
    –Gmork (MP, CA, WC, TG, MoGC, AAGC, PWTG, TBG)