THE ROOKIE hardcover available for pre-order

Ready to make Quentin Barnes your #1 draft pick? Click on the image at
right to go to THE ROOKIE order-form page. Football meets space opera
meets gangsters in this thriller suitable for ages 11 and up.

The first-edition print run is 3,000 copies, and will include an
embossed cover and eight color plates inside, showing images of team
logos, aliens, uniforms and hopefully a few action shots. These will not be in any stores. 

Pre-order THE ROOKIE

REMINDER! The books are in pre-order stage, they will not ship until late Agust.

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  1. akil2real55

    fellow junkies i have recently posted my HARDCOVER copy of THE ROOKIE on eBay if your interested seller name is akil55 as you know this book is sold out it will be up for auction dont miss out

  2. DeVoiD

    Some one buy me an

    Some one buy me an autographed copy!….




           "Original Junkie" Jason "DeVoiD" 



  3. MuchAdo

    I have a cousin who’s

    birth name was Elizabeth Moore!

    "Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it." – Goethe

  4. MuchAdo

    As I recall…..

    the books will be shipped in early September as the NFL season starts.

     "Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it." – Goethe

  5. Shadygirl


    On paypal, there is a a box for “special instructions”. In that box you can type in anything about who you would like the book signed to and such.

    “I just need a compass and a willing accomplice” – P!nk

  6. DeVoiD

    Wife gonna buy -got some questions

    looks like im going to get as a gift, although my birthday is next tuesday, its going to take a bit i guess to get here.  questions: once it gets ordered on paypal, is there anything there, where she can request a little addition to the signature? like my name, or one of your worthy insults?

    also, is there a promo code?

    thanks much.. PM me if possible, cause this is a LOOOONG blog now…

    _______________________________________ "Original Junkie" Jason "DeVoiD" Houghton ————————————————————–

  7. Tokkan

    Jeez, I hope so.

    It’d be nice if the first 100 ARE announced. It’d be good to see how early I was able to get through the Server Implosion.

  8. Finaldrive


    I would really like to find out what number I have.  I’ll kill someone if I have to!  I mean, I’d kill someone for a chocolate bar too, but thats besides the point.


    Increase that dose!  Double up on it, let’s see if it does any good at all!

  9. Twowire

    Is there anyway

    Of finding out before release what edition numbers (say maybe just for the first 100) we might have gotten? Just asking! 🙂

    "What the hell is happening? I blew up the building. Why? Because you made a phone call."

  10. Scott

    Order of receipts

    Each purchase generates an email. We have the time stamp on each email, and that’s how your number is decided. If you ordered on Sunday, you’re looking at the 700s or 800s. If you ordered on draft Saturday, then you could be anywhere from #2 to #700.

  11. chrshowe

    How does the print numbers work?

    How does the print numbers work?  Is it actually order of ordering?  Or are you just going to start signing and everyone gets what they get?


    BTW I ordered on draft Sunday, what number should I expect if it is in order?



  12. Finaldrive


    GLF question: Is there a GFL draft? How would that work? Or does the tier system basicly do away with that process?

    I think there is some potential there: "The first selection of the draft is the Sklorno receiv……oops, sorry folks a Ki linemen just ate the first draft pick. Well, looks like the Glory Warpigs have learned a hard lesson about always picking the Ki first."

    Sorry for the repeat question!!

    When do I get my share of the loot?

  13. Finaldrive


    Very, VERY disturbing……true…..very disturbing….


    When do I get my share of the loot?

  14. Scott

    Hard-hitting analysis

    That’s the kind of observational talent I’ve come to expect from Junkies.

  15. athanas

    I always thought

    Billy Mays as more of a closet pedophile than a douchebag.

    That smile of his just screams that he knows that the inside of a little boy’s anus looks like.

  16. Scott

    Working on it …

    Heads-down in ANCESTOR re-writes at the moment, but will holler as we hit certain milestones. The initial Junkie rush is trickling down.

  17. Finaldrive

    Is it time?

    Are the books here yet?


    Why not? 

    This is worse than Xmas and Sigmas rolled into one!


    When do I get my share of the loot?

  18. Scott

    Now THAT is a thank-you

    Nothing says "hey, thanks for defending our country" like a nice copy of INFECTED. Nice work!

  19. MuchAdo

    Kudos to our troops …..

    at home and abroad and to the women, children and parents who support them.  And Kudos to my favorite military family – you know who you are!!!!!

    "Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it." – Goethe

  20. Nuchtchas

    How big of a Junkie am I?

    Not only did I order multiple copies to send around to my friends to convert the masses but I used paypal.  i HATE PAYPAL! (Pay pal is great, if your banking is done in the US, it sucks for those of us with our funds in Canada.  I had to borrow an american card to make this purchase.  Also, sadly had to wait three whole days to buy, not because of PayPal but because I was sans internet while dropping my husband off to go over seas (with copies of INFECTED in paperback to share with the other troops 🙂


    Hate you Scott, but it’s a good hate. 

  21. AndyanaJones

    Here’s hoping for a single-digit copy!

    Ordered my copy 15 minutes after it was available…hope it’s a low-numbered copy! Just officially became a Junkie too! All hail the FDO!

    Now I just hope that The Rookie Tailgate Tour comes somewhere near Utah, where I’ll be doing grad school …

  22. flashman

    UK shipping…

    was $20.20 hmmm but it was for two books Foot in mouth

    Neil laughed. "I’m a soldier, not a cop, ma’am."



  23. Twowire

    Better late than

    than not! One more down and not sure how many left to go?

    "What the hell is happening? I blew up the building. Why? Because you made a phone call."

  24. TruckerRich

    Whew! Got my order in late.

    Damn I was glad to see there was still some copies left. I was to busy Saturday and thought I’d blown it. Can’t wait to get them. Thx…

  25. Gitsh

    The order is placed

    Very very excited to get the book.  It cost me more than you US of A junkies being in Australia and all, but hey, its worth every extra dollor.  $12 for deliver is cheap when its the other side of the world.

  26. Twowire

    I have to agree with you

    I think releasing The Rookie on draft day and tax refunds being abundant at this time and only for a short time makes a difference. But timing is everything. But the FDO already knew that, he knows everything! 🙂

    "What the hell is happening? I blew up the building. Why? Because you made a phone call."

  27. MuchAdo

    I think Sigler is pretty smart……

    to do the pre-orders right after everyone gets their tax refunds!!!! Now we have the money.  I’m not sure what I would have in September!

    "Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it." – Goethe

  28. Twowire

    We be

    Hardcore Junkies! Yes we be. Spending our money on Sigler swag and doing without, uh, everything else! 🙂 

    "What the hell is happening? I blew up the building. Why? Because you made a phone call."

  29. Scott

    All will mail at the same time

    We’ll be sending out a butt-load of books all at the same time, in like a 5-8 day span (autographing, packing and shiping 3,000 books is going to take a few man-hours). Hopeully you get them quick!

  30. scottsiglerjunkie

    Whoooohoooo !!!!!

    Ordered my copy of the rookie hope the international posting is not to long after release date.


    THANK YOU FDO !!!! 

  31. Scott

    Buy two, sell one

    Some jackass was selling EARTHCORE for $999 US last week, on What the fak? Shoot, you guys should buy two, one to keep, one to pawn off on future Junkies who haven’t received the Blessed Word yet. Yeah, that’s the ticket … not that I want you to buy extra … no, not at all …

    The don’t call me the Future Really Nice Guy Overlord, now do they?

  32. Aljado

    done and done

    God DAMN the USD to GBP exchange rate is killin me…Sigler you are now *required* to become uber-famous so these first editions I keep buying accrue a suitable future value Money mouth

  33. Jumper



    I may have made a SNAFU then – Thanks MuchAdo and FDO for putting me straight on that one! It doesn’t matter though – I don’t speak German but I have been working with a German guy who deserves some goodness in his life. I will give it to him and keep spreading the word!


    Pain is the teacher and fear is the key.

  34. Shadygirl

    I’m with you!

    I have no clue how much we have sent to the FDO! I have lost track of how many copies of his books we have bought. We just keep giving them away to friends. Not to mention the jerseys and such too.

    “I just need a compass and a willing accomplice” – P!nk

  35. tubbyama

    Got My order in at 1410

    Got My order in at 1410 MDT!  I dont post much but I have been a die hard listener from the start.  I have every file ever posted on the web(Ithink).  The Rookie is BY FAR my favorite.  Football, gangtas, aliens, FTL travel….  Whats not to like?  This 45 yo is lovin this stuff.  And the new fight stuff is awesome.  Thanks Scott.

  36. Twowire

    A $100 bucks!

    Man, I spent that on just purchasing my copies of the Rookie! I bought 10 copies of Contagious. Not to mention (sort of a oxymoron to use that statement) My copies of Infected, Earthcore & Ancestor! Oh and my infected T-shirt & Krakens jersey. I am scrimping too, but I gotta support my FDO!! [actual items may exceed or be less than stated as my inventory is (not verified)] Heheeeheehehee!
    Sorry, I’m such an ass! Glad you were able to purchase some Sigler goodness!

    "What the hell is happening? I blew up the building. Why? Because you made a phone call."

  37. RonnieDaJunkie

    Ready for some *FOOTBALL* !

    Just placed my order. Can’t wait to get The Rookie in my sweaty little hands!

    Oh, thank you FDO! This has got to be my favorite podcast novel (even over 7th Son… sorry Hutchins).

    Now in hardcover… Bring It! BTW, how do you tell what your book number is?


  38. Twowire

    And The FDO’s

    insults of inappropriate fervor are the best. I have several of such signatures in my copies of Scott’s books! Believe me when I say the FDO’s signature talents are AWESOME!!

    "What the hell is happening? I blew up the building. Why? Because you made a phone call."

  39. Rhinoman

    Got the book!

    I managed to get on line earlier today and secure a copy of the Rookie! I am some fired up. I knew the books were signed, didn’t realize that it could be personalized! Is it too late? I was hoping my FDO would sign it to his future Commanding General of the Siglerisamo Forces! 


  40. Scott

    Each book is signed, correct

    JMD — you are correct, sir. Each copy is signed. You only needed to put in special instructions if you wanted a special signature, ideally if it was a gift for someone else. The FDO™ will sign each book, insulting all of you with equal inappropriate fervor.

  41. MuchAdo

    I’m pretty sure those hardcopies…..

    are German versions.  If you speak German though, go for it.

    "Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it." – Goethe

  42. Scott

    You know I give it all away, right?

    Spend your money however you want (I LIKE IT), but if you’re strapped for cash, that’s what the free podcasts are for. We’ve all been there.

  43. Scott

    Softcover, not hardcover

    Make sure they are advertising it right. There is no hardcover print of Earthcore until 2011.

  44. Jumper

    Weeping openly

    Ended up in the pub talking about how I had just secured a copy of The Rookie and preaching Siglerism. A friend then managed to find me a copy of the hardcover print of Earthcore on the interweb. It was also not the 143 quid amazon wanted  – Which for the record I would have paid FDO but my wife was sat next to me……

    It’s in the post. Today has been a good day.

    Pain is the teacher and fear is the key.

  45. sail4sea

    Got it.

    I got my ordered.  It took until 3:09 CDT to get my order in with everyone killing the server.  In my haste I forgot to ask Scott to sign mine too.  I wonder what number I got.  I guess there is no way to tell until it arrives.  I will just be patient since I heard this awesome story read by Scott already.  I am thinking I failed to get a single or double digit, but just as long as I get a book, it will be awesome.  Scott tweeted that he got 500 sales in just two in a half hours.  Congraduations Scott.

  46. railroadgrrl


    In my haste, I forgot to ask for a signed copy. I just wanted to be in the first group to get one. Maybe the FDO will has a contingency plan……….or not………LOL


    Ever been forked?

  47. Chance

    Ordered, now the waiting

    Ordered, now the waiting begins… is always about the waiting with you Scott……we hate it and you love that…..FUCK I HATE WAITING. *sigh*

  48. Twowire

    Got my 3 in the bag in the first 5 min

    I wonder what numbers I will draw for the 3 editions I bought? What a crazy first hour that was! 😀

    "What the hell is happening? I blew up the building. Why? Because you made a phone call."

  49. rgoshko

    Looks like the server has

    Looks like the server has been "FDO’ed’?  Siglerd?  No… KRACKEND! Surprised

  50. rgoshko

    My order is in!

    SWEET!  Can’t wait for the plaid tank to roll up and deliver my copies!

  51. Tokkan

    Hey man,

    That stuff can be sorted out later. I think getting a single digit book’d be far sweeter than getting a double digit and remembering to get extra stuff in. *grin*

  52. Tokkan

    Sorry if this has already been handled

    Looks like you need to go to the main link’s page from the pic above:

    Sidebar one doesn’t work.


    (Again, sorry if you got it worked out, took a while for the server to even let me into this page…)

  53. broken-machine

    And now the wait . . .

    It doesn’t come out till when????  Awww crap!


    I guess I’ll just have to listen to it until then. :-}

  54. Darkseeker

    Got Mine.

    Straight in, Paypal used, hoping I got a single number!

    In my haste I forgot to ask FDO to sign it for me in the special instructions section! Damnit!

  55. GaryZero

    Got Two!!

    Got two and totally forgot to ask Scott to sign one for me. Sent you an email Scott. Thanks again for the book and everything.




    It’s better to burn out, than to fade away. -Kurgan

  56. Jumper



    It’s saturday night here in the UK and all my friends left with my wife to go to the pub – Their loss – I just got a copy! WOOP WOOP! I missed the order boat when Earthcore came out and I have been kicking my own arse about it ever since. Let the Plaid Tanks ROLL!


    Pain is the teacher and fear is the key.

  57. StephenK

    Yeah. I just hit refresh

    Yeah. Just go to the rookie page and click refresh. If not try loading it again in a different browser. 

  58. billy_tal3nt3d

    the “order the rookie” link

     at the bottom of the page did not work for me. i kept refreshing and it continually said "aceses denied" i did that for like 6 minitues thinking it was just all the traffic. it only worked for me when i clicked the big link of the main page. i will repeat CLICK THE MAIN PAGE LINK NOT THE SMALL ONE. At least thats what happened to me anyways. 




    "So do you guys have Battletoads..?"




  59. Gmork

    Thanks for the suggestion but still not working 🙁

    tried closing the browser and opening a new one. still getting access denied *sigh*


    –Gmork (MP, CA, WC, TG, MoGC, AAGC, PWTG, TBG)

  60. flashman


    Got that giddy I got in that I forgot to add special instructions DOH! lol

    Ordered 2 woohoo!

    Neil laughed. "I’m a soldier, not a cop, ma’am." MEH-TALLLLLLLL!!!


  61. Tokkan

    Force-reload page

    Depending on how your browser is set up, you might need to kick it in the face to reload.


    Try holding Ctrl down and hitting F5, HOPEFULLY will work.

  62. athanas


    Just ordered two.

    And for some stupid ass reason I just noticed paypal listed my shipping addreess as a place I haven’t lived at in 4 years.  Fun.

    Here’s hoping that contact link works.

  63. Gmork

    Did you use the link on the right?

    I am still getting an access denied message 🙁


    –Gmork (MP, CA, WC, TG, MoGC, AAGC, PWTG, TBG)

  64. Tokkan

    Force-reload page

    Try hitting Ctrl-F5; your browser might need to have it’s cache updated.



  65. StephenK


    Was slow to load but we got there in the end. 4:02:53

     Adding special instructions took an extra second or two 🙂 

  66. Damn_Dirty_Junkie

    Got it!!!

    Woot! Woo-hoo! Etc., etc……


    You don’t understand. I’M not locked in here with YOU. YOU’RE locked in here with ME. – Rorschach


    I’m your pusher (as of 03/11/09).

  67. Tokkan


    A fitting time to actually get into the order page, 4:04…


    Now, I just wonder how we find out which precious number we got…

  68. Tokkan

    Soon we shall see…

    Who has the fastest fingers of the Junkies.


    And by soon I mean in roughly 5 minutes.

  69. M._Night_Shot-his-wad

    Anybody predicting a quick sellout?

     A day? A week?


    The pus is always greener…

  70. MuchAdo

    T minus 10 minutes

    and counting!

    "Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it." – Goethe

  71. MuchAdo

    T minus 30 minutes……

    and counting!

    "Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it." – Goethe

  72. broken-machine

    Not yet?

    Don’t get me wrong, King is . . . well he’s the king.  But you don’t want to be him.  Two different styles, he has mellowed out over the years.  If anything you are more Barker than King.  And not in the gay way, I assume.


  73. Shadygirl

    We are going to sit outside…

    until the appointed hour approaches.

    “I just need a compass and a willing accomplice” – P!nk

  74. MuchAdo

    T minus 4 hours and counting!

    Must finish errands and be back before then!!!!

    "Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it." – Goethe

  75. PGHolyfield

    ADD reigns

    Here I come by to buy a book, and we have to wait until 4 pm. I don’t think my attention span will last until…. ooh shiny.



    Murder at Avedon Hill – – print pub. with Dragon Moon Press, late 2009

  76. Death_Tone

    Oh the the pain, the wait…..

    "Who is Number One?", "You, are Number Six!", "I am not a number, I am a free man!"

  77. Vladeb

    Only 7 Hours To Go

    I feel like I’m standing outside a store waiting for it to open…OPEN THE DOORS!…OPEN THE DOORS!  I bet this book sells out in hours.

  78. Mr_Fahrenheit

    Goddamn stinking timezones

    Here I thought I could be all awesome and ninja like and order myself a copy before almost anyone else. What with being in New Zealand and all, but no. Just had to go and make it EST didn’t you? Why I oughta…

    Death, chaos and mayhem, the music of the night

  79. bandit

    Order now,Arrive in 4 months…

     Sig, you know how to keep our veins open don’t you.  I can’t wait to read this to my four sons as their next bedtime story.


    Sigler, let me be your body double to protect you when you take over the world.

  80. MuchAdo

    T minus 22 hours and counting!!!!


    "Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it." – Goethe

  81. Scott

    Tips for early ordering, and updated payment info

    Sail4Sea, I updated the Rookie post above to show we will accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and PayPal. I will have instructions on how to use those four credit cards listed in the ROOKIE FAQ.

  82. sail4sea

    I want one.

    At first I didn’t know about you.  Then Tee Morris showed up to Demicon wearing a Krakens jersey.  I went to podio books and listened to Earthcore and liked it.  (One good book: it had to be a fluke right?)  I then listened to Ancestor (also good but two books had to be a fluke right?)  Then I subscribed to your feed and listened to the Rookie.  (It is now my favorite book.)  Nocternal? Infected? Contagious (so far is good)?  All great books, but they don’t hold a candle to the Rookie.  I bought Infected and Contagious.  I wanted to buy the Rookie.  I mainlined the Rookie.  Can’t mainine you anymore because I am caught up which makes me a hopeless junkie.

    I will be sitting by my computer on that day to buy a single digit copy of the Rookie.  I will settle for a double digit copy or even book 3000, but I am going to try as early as possible.  Any tips for navigating to the buy link quick tomorrow?  Do you accept normal credit cards or must I paypal?



  83. Tokkan

    Works for me!

    It’ll be interesting to see who people tend to choose to save their shekels. Maybe make them honourary Officers in the General’s army? Commodore Greg Crites has a nice ring to it…

  84. Scott

    They will be listed on order page

    I’m making it very easy for you to save the $3, even if you listen to no podcasts other than those of General Siglerisimo (which is the way things SHOULD be).

  85. Tokkan

    If forget (And am too lazy

    If forget (And am too lazy to root through the podcasts of last week); are you telling us which podcasters are giving the code goods? Or are we going to be all canny-like and hunt the precious codes ourselves?

  86. Scott

    $34.95, $31.95 after discount

    Be on the lookout for discount codes, as provided by a few podcasters and vidcasters. Save $3 per copy!

  87. Scott


    Fo sho, J-Fed, we’ll be working on a Kindle version in the near future. Kind of a smalll operation here, so if we move one title in one format at at time, we’re happy and we’ll line up the next one as soon as we can.

  88. Scott

    You should be fine

    I’ll be honest, if I move 3,000 copies in one day, I will buy myself a turban, a camel, and declare myself the Iron Sheik of the publishing world. That is a HUGE amount of books, and I’m not Stephen King (not yet, anyway …) so you should be fine.

  89. Shadygirl

    I believe…

    Scott said $34.95.

    “I just need a compass and a willing accomplice” – P!nk

  90. GordyTheCook


    any one know what the cost is on the hard hover??

    I thought i saw it before but i cant remember

    The Penniless #5

  91. Nuchtchas


    If my memory serves correctly Scott said on the tour that if he sells more then the 3,000 they would print more, it would just take longer to reach you.  So don’t panic, order away and read CONTAGIOUS while you wait 🙂

  92. GaryZero

    I was hoping for a midnight release tonight!

    I want at least one copy Scott If for some crazy reason this sells out anyway you can extend past the 3,000? I have a terrible feeling something will happen at 3 CST and these will be all sold by 3:05 or something my internet just won’t be quick enough. 

    If we miss out will this get a nationwide release later?

    It’s better to burn out, than to fade away. -Kurgan

  93. paul_e_cooley

    Remember Mitchell Fayed!

    I first infected (pardon the pun) the five sigler junkies I’ve brought into the fold with this book.  I can’t wait to get it in hardcover so I can share the infection with more peeps.  FDO, not sure I’ll like the toned down version, but I’m damned glad it’s finally going into print!

    Cheers and congrats.

    Paul Elard Cooley: Get free visceral horror and urban fantasy fiction at

  94. Death_Tone

    Worldwide posting, Sigler you do listen

    Krakens, Krakensssss ……..!

    "Who is Number One?", "You, are Number Six!", "I am not a number, I am a free man!"

  95. Death_Tone

    21-00pmk UK time I will be ordering

    "Who is Number One?", "You, are Number Six!", "I am not a number, I am a free man!"

  96. Shadygirl

    You RAWK!

    I would expect nothing less from the great FDO! You would be amazed how many companies refuse to ship to APOs.

    “I just need a compass and a willing accomplice” – P!nk

  97. Scott


    We will ship to APOs.  It should all work fine in PayPal, but if not, you drop me a note, and we’ll get it worked out.

  98. Nuchtchas

    How many are you ordering?

    Will be ordering at least three so far, one for me, one for the hubby over in Afghanastan, one for my brother (doesn’t read much but is a huge football fan so this should get him reading 🙂 maybe I should get another for the US troop I know too… hmmmm will these be able to be shipped to APOs?

  99. flashman

    Thanks for these links

    Thanks for these links AlphaGirl


    Neil laughed. "I’m a soldier, not a cop, ma’am." 



  100. The_Supreme_Narutard

     I will order one for me

     I will order one for me and one for conversion purposes


    "Coconut Crabs: They are the Raccoons of the Invert World."

  101. Platinum_Spork

    no jersey for me 🙁

    i’d get one, but theyi really don’t have the dough to dropright now: looking for a house drains most of my funds.

    a junkie from the beginning, and i’m loving every twisted moment of it

  102. Platinum_Spork

    i can’t wait

    i think i’ll be ordering two as well: one to read, and one to give away.

    a junkie from the beginning, and i’m loving every twisted moment of it

  103. Platinum_Spork

    i can’t wait. the

    i can’t wait. the anticipation is killing me little by little.

    a junkie from the beginning, and i’m loving every twisted moment of it

  104. cianmm


    It’s very likely I will be ordering two – One for me and one for the school library, in which Sigler has quite a fan base.

  105. Darkseeker

    Holy Crapola!

    Noooooooooooooo!!! I’m gonna be at work when this goes on sale. Just hope I can still get a copy reserved when I get home.

    I WANT this book!

  106. Gatorrock


    He said in the post: Worldwide!  Plus I also contacted Sigler last week and asked- yes it will be worldwide shipping!


    Now to find a discount he mentioned before Saturday!  Gotta save a couple bucks since it’s probably ganna be EXPENSIVE for that shipping…

  107. Tokkan

    Aw hell yeah.

    I’m glad to see that it’ll be a reasonable time for the pre-ordering, since I’ll be computerless that morning.

    Even though money’s tight (Oh, University. Why you so expensive.), I can spare $30 for abitta awesome.Hell,listening to The Rookie is what got me interested in Football (Or as I call it, "American Rugby") in the first place!

  108. SynapticJam

    I am there! No bout a doubt it!

    gotta have it! 


    hhhmmm…  SynapticJam on Toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken (aka PUVJK) #4 in crack hits (Special?  Ain’t I just)  Multiple S.H.I.T. Award Recipient!  Double Dipper and Triple Threat!  All-around uberjunkie!

  109. OJ_Mathis_Wrenn

    hell yea!

    My Panthers don’t have a first round pick…. so… For the first pick in the 2683 GLF Draft…. The Carolina Panthers pick Quentin Barnes, Quarterback, Mining Colony 6 Raiders


    Yes, I’m a hick, whats your point?

    Western Carolina Catamounts Sports update:

    WCU Catamounts Softball has won a thrilling victory over the EVVVILLLL Appalachian State University……6-5 in 8 innings..

  110. Pjotr_NL

    Will you ship the rookie to Europe?

    or is it just for the USA…

    [1st Dutch junkie] All that matters is getting my fix.

  111. Twowire

    Me too!

    I’ll be ready to order asap!

    "What the hell is happening? I blew up the building. Why? Because you made a phone call."

  112. flashman

    Hell Yeah!!!

    NFL Draft Day marked on my calendar a couple of weeks ago. Signed and numbered? Jeez…


    GO KRAKENS!!!! 



    Neil laughed. "I’m a soldier, not a cop, ma’am." 



  113. Shadygirl

    I’m shaking all over just thinking about it!

    The 25th can’t get here fast enough!

    “I just need a compass and a willing accomplice” – P!nk

  114. GoreFreak1356

    Can’t Wait

    I can’t wait till this shit comes out. I’m probibly not going to be able to get the hardcover because I’m slow as hell…

  115. arimus25

    I cant wait!!

    I just came to the site to see if there was a post about this since it is coming up soon and here it is! I am glad you posted what time it starts too, this will help as I am sure I will be drunk with disappointment by the Lions draft picks.