F**k Yeah!: BYOBW 2009

FUCK YEAH! The 2009 Bring Your Own Big Wheel Race (BYOBW) went down in San Francisco on Easter Weekend, and the FDO™ represented in full effect. Thanks to Junkie Joe Carlson who brought in Team Infected from Denver, I got to kick a child’s Big Wheel up to about 15-20 MPH going down a steep, twisty hill alongside many costumed riders. The video above does NOT include the FDO™, but gives you an idea of the fun. To see a slideshow of my pictures from BYOBW 2009, click on the picture below of General Siglerisimo looking like pure evil on his Pretty Princess Big Wheel …

Bad Motherfucker on a Big Wheel ...

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  1. Shiatis

    Official Video

    Our official video is in the can. Big thanks to Aaron Proctor for doing all hard work and coming up from L.A. to shoot it. I’m already at work on the Mk II  Big Wheels. Next year we are going to dominate!






    People can handle being bitten by a wolf. What properly riles them is being bitten by a sheep.

       — James Joyce

  2. Finaldrive

    Great Color

    FDO, I feel your choice of Chariot was wise.  Confusing other competitors with your Flashy Pink Ride was a great strategic move.


    When do I get my share of the loot?

  3. The_Supreme_Narutard

    That looks BAD ASS!!!

     I would have done things a bit differently, added some sharp pointy spikes to the back wheels as to cut down other players…


    "Coconut Crabs: They are the Raccoons of the Invert World."

  4. I_AM---

    I think next year

    I would like to be on the Crew, hell I will be there handing out the beer at the finish line. I will be the one in the Kraken’s Jersey #02


    I AM not just junkie, I AM a pusher man & I AM Sadocks Tangent Brother.

  5. Scott

    Pretty Princess Bitch had it coming

    She didn’t support my power sliding around the curves at 15MPH, dammit. How DARE she give out on me!

  6. Shiatis

    What Scott did to the Pretty

    What Scott did to the Pretty Princess Big Wheel is not legal in at least 13 states, with legislation pending in 8 more.

    Video of the event is in post-production right now with our guy in L.A. I’ll get a link up as soon as it’s on YT.



  7. Scott

    No Harley on the horizon …

    Suckers are a little too pricey for my budget. As in, usually 3x so.

  8. Twowire

    You look cool in that Krakens jersey

    Wearing a helmets does have its advantages, even on pink wheeled Big Wheel!
    Have you decided if and when you maybe getting a Harley?

    "What the hell is happening? I blew up the building. Why? Because you made a phone call."

  9. SynapticJam

    kick ass!

    hhhmmm…  SynapticJam on Toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken (aka PUVJK) #4 in crack hits (Special?  Ain’t I just)  Multiple S.H.I.T. Award Recipient!  Double Dipper and Triple Threat!  All-around uberjunkie!