File under "F" for "Fucked Up."

Glowing mail? WTF?Glowing Mail, Part DeuxSeriously. My mail was fucking glowing. Glowing red, like some demonic postal practical joke. Satan: "Hey, guys, did we send out those Christmas cards? No? Shoot, we need to get those out – call the demons from over on Baker Street, we can have a nice little envelope stuffing party. I’ll make my sourdough loaf and spinach dip, it will be fun." Turns out this is promo for the F.E.A.R. 2 game, courtesy of our wacky friends at Armacham. Check out the video – smokin’ hot nurses, video games, and spooky doctor dudes, you can’t go wrong. 




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  1. MikeyThePirate

    ?That is a cool package! i

    ?That is a cool package! i havent played fear2 yet looks good 


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  2. Gmork

    Full Circle….

    And because you mentioned comfort food and mommy bags can provide both comfort and sometimes food….we have now come full circle back to mommy bags!!


    –Gmork (MP, CA, WC, TG, MoGC, AAGC, PWTG, TBG)

  3. Shadygirl

    You know,

    It just would not seem right if it didn’t.

    “I’m going to show him what a little girls made of, gunpowder and lead” – Miranda Lambert

  4. I_AM---


    yes wolf life starts us off with them and we just want to go back on them for the rest of our lives

  5. The_Supreme_Narutard

    wait… there was a nurse?

     all I could see was massive cleavage!


    "Get sacrificed! I don’t subscribe to your religion!" – Ringo

  6. Gmork


    oh and did I mention their boobs!

    Good grief…that is egregious, albeit delicious, exploitation ofwhat I am sure is an intelligent, well educated, confident woman.

  7. Wolf

    How wrong is that?

    I can’t believe that you would even imply that a fine company like Armacham would try to use sex to sell something as innocent as a video game. You women are all alike. Just because a commercial employs the excellent acting skills of an attractive young woman, you immediately assume that they are using sex to sell. Apparently, you don’t know men as well as you think you do. We don’t think about sex 24/7. We are not walking willies with only one thing on our minds. We are mature, sophisticated creatures with the intelligence to……OMG! Look at the rack on the brunette!! Damn, that’s hott!!!!!

  8. Gmork

    I’m sorry….Were the nurses talking?

    I couldn’t hear them over their highly prominant and totally distracting boobs.

  9. Twowire

    I’d know about you Jam

    but I’d go for the Platinum level of service!

    "Get off… the nuclear… warhead."

  10. SynapticJam

    Not a bad promo for the game…

    That one nurse could actually even act!  well, mostly… but hey, if it works… it works…  I was almost expecting them to say the hotline was available for only $1.99/minute…  So call now for sexy nurses in your area… eh… never mind…

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