Tour update, and welcome, Fangorians

Krakens prepare for football!Dan gets his copyJunkies, the Sigler Stank II book tour is tearing the soul out of the United States. So far we’ve done San Mateo, Seattle, San Francisco, Denver and Phoenix. Denver had the highest attendance so far at 70, but last night Phoenix brought the noise with 60 to 65 (we had varying head counts, but for sure didn’t quite top Denver). Houston (Jan. 15), Dallas (Jan. 16), Minneapolis (Jan. 17), Chicago (Jan. 19), New York City (Jan. 20) and Washington, D.C. (Jan. 21) are next.

Remember this solemn fact — the city that brings out the most people gets destroyed in an upcoming Sigler short story, and every person at the winning event is named (and killed!) in that story. So if you want to be butchered in Sigler fiction, come on out and bring friends. 

[img_assist|nid=2409|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=250|height=91]If you’re visiting from, welcome, and check out the slightly gory trailer for CONTAGIOUS by clicking the bloody hand in the upper-left-hand corner of this page. 

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  1. Matt

    Next Stop On The World Tour….

    Is Sydney, Australia…………


    Well maybe not but we can only hope 1 day the FDO makes it of the U.S and to make his way to Gods Country………

  2. dixonge

    Dallas takes the lead

    c’mon – when’s the last time ya heard THAT, eh? I hear Dallas took the lead in the stank tour statistics tonight. Tha rest a yas should just go ahead and accept your proper position as 2nd or 3rd place. It’s no shame, really….

  3. steady

    Great !!

    Awsome books Listened to all of them now, and on the lookout in uk stores for hard copies !! Any news on the 12 days of Sigmas or has that been cancelled?



    Long live the queen…

  4. Scott

    Houston rocked!

    Full house at the M is for Murder Bookstore, more ROOKIE gear in one place than I’ve ever seen before. Thanks!

  5. BukaHobbit

    Much Love From Houston

    I’d like to thank the FDO on behalf of all the Junkies in Houston for a great time. You rocked the shit and brought the noise. Thanks again, FDO!

  6. Nelzone

    Denver Stop

    I was at the Denver Tour stop – a great experience for a dirty junkie.

    I hope we hold the lead, but Houston and Dallas have a large population than Denver (or Colorado for that matter)

    Many thanks to the FDO – a great storyteller (character voices included) and by all accounts a hell of a nice guy.

    Taste is the Enemy of Art- Wm S Burroughs (or maybe not)

  7. s13cybergal

    Friend’s wife, in Manchester UK bought “Infected” Look out UK!

     Hey Scott: I talked to a friend on Skype yesterday. He is NOT into sci fi, or horror of any kind, but his wife picked up "Infection" Let the take-over begin!


    "Defeat HELL! I’m advancing to the rear." –Gen. George Patton

  8. Saul_Panzer

    Welcome to -26 FDO!

    A tour stop in Minneapolis…in January?  You’re a brave man Mr. Sigler.  I’ll be stopping by on the 17th to pick up a copy or two.

    "I can give you my word, but I know what it’s worth and you don’t."

  9. Yak

    No Australia love

    Ah, when will it be that there are enough followers of Siglerism in Australia that the glorious FDO finally comes down here to this backward little country to spare a few offhand moments to destroy us brutally and scatter our remains over the thousands of sq kms of desert in the middle of this land?

    I can only dream


    -You thought triangles were bad under your skin. Well, try a yak.-

  10. tjkuhn

    Thanks again Scott…

    Had a great time last night! Can’t wait till you show up here again! Oh by the way…how did it feel being in a city whose football team is one win away from the Super Bowl?

  11. Coyote

    It bothers me to no end that

    It bothers me to no end that I couldn’t make it to the Seattle stop.

  12. Jeanniez


    Can’t wait til tomorrow!! My bro & I will be there to see the FDO in action!


    "You better not lock it, I’ll kick it in!" – Buster Bluth