Exterminators patch winner & new contest!

[img_assist|nid=1993|title=Exterminators Patch from CONTAGIOUS|desc=A masterful work by Jennifer Wills. |link=popup|align=right|width=198|height=250]Congratulations to Jennifer Wills, the winner of the "Exterminators Patch" CruzBabecontest! Jennifer’s Junkie Name is "cruzbabe63" (this is her profile picture at left, the damn smart-ass, repping the Julie Andrews action in the middle of my freakin’ site …). 

There were many, many amazing entries for this one, and picking a winner was a bitch-and-a-half. Jennifer wins cool prizes, including a signed first-edition of CONTAGIOUS in hardcover.

This image will be used for CONTAGIOUS marketing, and to get you all marching to the militarisitic beat of my FDO™ drums. Don’t you want to sign up to be an Exterminator? Hell yes!

All right you artsy-fartsy types, it’s time for Contest #3: Design the Flag of Siglerism. I want to take a flag with me on the Sigler Stank II Book Tour, and get pictures of me claiming each city in the name of Siglerism. All you in attendance will pose with that picture, as proof you were there when the Ascendency took place.

Click here to view contest details

Unfortunately, we no longer have a contest site, so post your images in the comments of this post.

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  1. The_Supreme_Narutard


    it’s risky to use text in an image such as this. plus, you may want to think about the compostion. take a look at other real flags, they are an awesome inspiration.


    By the way, Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

  2. Twowire

    I like the convert or be destroyed patch


    “I still can’t tell if that’s funny or really scary.”

  3. Qeldroma

    Siglerism Flags

    I dont have flicker so you will have to copy and paste the links.


    180 X 320 is below


    Siglerism Flag


    Three different versions I came up with.




    and a little different variation



  4. ogreoregon

    smart looking and educational……

    oh, and also conveys the right attitude. you did a great job!
    *I am the Rear Admiral but Sigler gave me liver spots*

  5. JP

    This patch is sweet!

    Excellent winner. Hey FDO, who’s going to sign the hardcover copy of the book?


    – “Hey, I’ll teach you to laugh at something funny!” -Homer Simpson (Angry and strangling Bart for laughing at him.)

  6. jtmanis


    This is EXACTLY what I had in mind, if only I’d had the time and talent to whip up a visual.