Ze Germans release ze cover: INFIZIERT

German CoverNEWS:
Junkies, I’m back from the SMOD™ retreat. Did it go well? How about 260 pages of new stuff for your asses? What’s the project? I can’t say. When will you have it in your hot little hands? I can’t say. But in the mean time, the in-between time, take a gander at the cover of the German-language version of INFECTED. Pretty bad-ass, I’d say.

And if you Sprechen Sie Deutsch (that is, if you speaks the German), you can pre-order a copy by clicking here. The book will be out in November, and I’m working on hitting the UK and Germany at that time to promote. It’s a self-funded trip, so yeah, I’ll be crashing at your place.

Where is it? It’s right on time, as always! I expect to post NOCTURNAL Episode #29 on Monday, June 23.

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  1. Shadygirl

    The cover does look very cool

    And not only did we get that bought this weekend, but we had some friends visiting. We got them a copy. We have added o the junkie nation. I believe one quote from this weekend was “I can’t believe that I am in Germany and I can’t stop reading this book!”

    “I’m going to show him what a little girls made of, gunpowder and lead” – Miranda Lambert

  2. Shadygirl

    It is kind of cool to have.

    That is why we picked it up. Maybe it will help me learn a little german too.

    “I’m going to show him what a little girls made of, gunpowder and lead” – Miranda Lambert

  3. Twowire

    JP and Shadygirl you guys are Junkies to the max!

    I wonder If I can find a german version around here? Not that I could read it but it would be nice to have!

    “I can’t tell if that’s funny or really scary.”

  4. Gmork


    The cover on the german version looks rather menacing…it’s pretty cool that you found the book in both the new releases and the bestsellers!  Go FDO!

  5. Shadygirl

    We got our copy!

    The bookstore we went to had the german version in the new releases, but they also had it in english on the best seller rack!

    “I’m going to show him what a little girls made of, gunpowder and lead” – Miranda Lambert

  6. Shadygirl


    Now I have to go shopping this weekend! I may not speak german yet, but I need a copy anyway.

    “I’m going to show him what a little girls made of, gunpowder and lead” – Miranda Lambert

  7. jgerhold

    Infiziert has arrived.

    The German edition of Infected arrived today!

    It even has a yellow "bestseller" label on it. 🙂


  8. Pjotr_NL

    it will probably be

    INFECTIE or something although that also doesn’t pack a punch like infected does. we’ll see

    you should still buy it though even if you’re not gonna read it. We have to support the FDO™.Wink


    [1st Dutch junkie] All that matters is getting my fix.

  9. HTI

    Get rid of that publisher in Germany o Evile One

    While thay did translate infected correctly the sublime meanigs of the English word are lacking in the German translation. The title has no shock quality what soever in German. It is clincal and clean as a doctor would describe a patient but no undertone of doom and gloom. There are better words in German to express that maybe Unheilbar would have been a choice better suited





    Things go wrong and that is how we learn

  10. Brombi

    Oh, my god……

    Sigler, you poor fuck, you getting bashed for trying to write in German.

    At least now the spelling is right. The sentence is still fucked up, but I can live with it and appreciate the effort.

  11. Nerf

    you suck at German grammer

    it wouldn’t be "if you sprechen sie deutsch" it would be 

    "and wenn sie Deutsch sprechen " which means " and if you speak german"

    plz i don’t want to get "eye-cancer" 😀

     so change it



    P.s. oh yeah we’re in the euro 2008 finals !

  12. Owen

    Never speak German!

    Please, ask a german before you try to speak german! Or at least an online translator. Those don’t actually work, but it would be an improvement. It would be Sprechen Sie Deutsch? or if you are assuming superiority, Spricht ihr Deutsch? (FDO to junkies) or Sprichst du Deutsch? (FDO to junkie). At least spell Deutsch right!


    Love the cover, in germany now waiting for chance to buy Earthcore and Infiziert!

  13. bmontgo

    Normally I’d be patient…..

    I’d love to say I believe in your time warp theory today or that I’m looking at the wrong calendar year. But I can’t. You see dear Pope Siglericus XXX, I’m having a baby tomorrow! So after 38 weeks, 4 days with the last 5 weeks being on bed rest with high blood pressure, I’ve run out of patience! I waited for your SMOD, I even waited until the day after you PROMISED you’d put the episode out. Now, the sad thing is I will have to wait at least another week to get Nocturnal Episode #29 and due to the crying coming from either the baby or me, it will take a week to comprehend a word of the story. My faith in you has been rattled. I hope it can one day be restored.

  14. ogreoregon

    Yes, I think there is a world wide plot by evil AL….

    (the Artificial Intelligence entity named for Al Gore who invented the internet, and H.A.L. the paranoid computer we all know and love.) 
    AL is changing calendars and other things to thwart, yes thwart, the FDO world domination and takeover.
    because…..we know…….say it all together now junkies…. The FDO is Never Late.
    *I am the Rear Admiral but Sigler gives the Orders*

  15. MuchAdo

    My calendar……..

    has become infected!!!!!!  It shows today as being the 24th and still no Nocturnal.  I know Scott isn’t late so my calendar must be wrong!!!!! 

    "Even crazy people sometimes base their fiction on an ounce of truth" -Scott Sigler

  16. stephenmid


    Look forward to November visit and more regular Nocturnal episodes. Why don’t you record several episodes before you start releasing them, then if you have work load problems, you would already have the episodes ready with maybe a brief disclaimer about lack of feedback?

  17. Brombi

    What about Ireland?

    If you ever get your tiny sorry ass over to Ireland, give us a shout.

    There is always some space for you to crash for a minute or so.

  18. Brombi

    Heyne Verlag

    Hi my FDO,

    Granulations to get your book published by Heyne in Germany, they are one of the bigger publisher in Germany.

    Seems like you got the ball rolling for ya!

    Give up your day job and get out of the closet. 

  19. Peatkay


    Well there’s a place in Glasgow for you to stay too, on this ever expanding UK tour!

    Looking forward to it! 

  20. lemoneyes

    Wow that cover

    is kind of horrifying. I’m glad that I won’t be running into it unexpectedly in any bookstores. I’ll stick with my disturbing-in-a-completely-different-way U.S. cover.

  21. Drinara

    That Rocks!!

    I absolutely love the cover art for the german version!  Even being female, it made me cringe!!! 


    If you make it to Germany, I’d recommend hitting the Kaiserslautern area, as it’s the largest concentration of american military in Germany.  I’m sure you have fans there!!!

  22. Selganor

    2008 is the year of Sigler

    That will be the third Sigler Book I’ll buy this year.


    AND I convinced my local public library to buy at least "Infiziert" (Infected), maybe even Eartcore (if it’s still in the budget), so Siglerism will be spread even more.


    You will let your german junkies know when you will be where?

    We can certainly arrange something to help the FDO.

  23. jgerhold

    FDO in Germany

    Yes! If you come to the Ruhr Area there certainly will be a place befitting our Future Dark Overlord!

  24. flashman

    UK Nov?

     We await you orders FDO!


    Also, liking that Deutch cover, it made me cross my legs!



    kill columbo…

  25. zZzacha

    Gratuliert mein Herr!

    That’s about all the German I can produce. Well done, Scott! Looking forward to the Dutch version, although I don’t read translations. Still, I wonder what ‘Infected’ would translate to. Geinfecteerd does NOT sound cool, so keep away from that title ‘kay. Keep the scissors though!

    Love your work, love your voice.

  26. floridagirl99k

    That is a sick ass cover!

    Just wanted to let you know that that is one sick ass cover.  I REALLY love it!  Congratulations!

  27. Pjotr_NL

    if you are near Maastricht

    (In Holland but very much near Germany) you can sleep in my bed and we’ll take the couch (me and my girl)LOL

    and I will see if I can make some time available to meet you somewhere in Germany. 

    [1st Dutch junkie] All that matters is getting my fix.

  28. greyboar

    String of on time delivery…

    is unbroken!  Seems like only lask week I was listening to
    Episode 28, (7 Sigler days =  26 junkie days).  Thank you very much sir!