UK cover of INFECTED released

INFECTED UKAwwww yeah, let the conquest of the entire planet move to Phase II. Soon, General Siglerisimo will release his map of world conquest (taken from the Fisher Price "My First Pogrom" kit), but for now, feast your peepers on the cover of the UK edition of INFECTED. It’s trade paperback, and will be available on July 10, 2008.


What’s that sound, England?

What’s that sound, Australia?

What’s that sound, New Zealand?

That is the sound of the General Siglerisimo war machine! That is the sound of DOOM!

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  1. Shadygirl


    My husband and I both have Scottish roots. I trace back to the Elliots and he traces back to the Keiths. We were the reivers and they were the marshals. 


    A cowgirl is a woman with guts and a horse. 

  2. MuchAdo

    Price Check

    I like that price better.  Even with air mail shipping it is cheaper.  I canceled my pre-order with Amazon and placed one with  Thanks.


    “Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow Creeps in this petty pace from day to day, To the last syllable of recorded time;”

  3. Gmork

    Price Check on aisle #1

    Just checked and the Infected paperback is reflecting a list price of £6.99 and a sale price of £4.89. 

    At today’s exchange rate that would equate to a list price of $13.85 and a sale price of $9.69.

  4. MuchAdo

    UK paperback

    Now available for pre-oreder on Amazon.  $39 for a trade paperback – Yikes.  PS.  There are two copies of Ancestor on Amazon at $10.


    “Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow Creeps in this petty pace from day to day, To the last syllable of recorded time;”

  5. MuchAdo


    Yep, my ancestors were from Scotland as well but came to US before the revolution.  Last name – Bruce!!!!!!

    “Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow Creeps in this petty pace from day to day, To the last syllable of recorded time;”

  6. treed

    if i remember my history correctly

    -england has been some what imperialistic in the past (and still is to a point) and rode rough shod over the other countries on the british isles, much like they did the Colonies, hence the american revolution. bad history there, and it continues today (northern ireland, for example). My ancestors are from scotland and england and one or two from wales. (makes me want to rule myself into submission)

  7. jtswambo

    uk is more than just

    the uk is more than just that crappy country england, wales scotland and irland actuly has more junkies. secondly ‘What’s that sound, England?’ hopefully its tanks rolling over cutting down most of england so it can be remade into more coppys of infected for the celts to have 😀


    what’s wrong with a bit of senseless violence?

  8. glshade


    The UK covers are always cooler somehow……maybe I will need to get one on thoes too….

  9. ogreoregon

    Oh yes, but Scott looks so much better in the black T

    Simon is just so defensive about things and uses trite and arrogant phrases.  Scott, never, he just tells it like he thinks it should be, and his rants are legend. I’d bet Scott would make a great Idol Judge,  first he’d kill the other 2, then make everyone sing… I’ve got you under my skin.
    *I am the Rear Admiral but Sigler gives the Orders*

  10. cerberus


    you know for ones I wish I used contacts. that tringle would look cool on contact lenes

    scott you should see if your book people would product  INFECTED contact lenes



  11. jtswambo


    that is cool. way cooler than the us version, welll i only have 1 problem with it. i cant w8 – weres my infected? 


    what’s wrong with a bit of senseless violence?

  12. Damn_Dirty_Junkie

    That’s some freaky looking

    That’s some freaky looking shit.

    Ours is better, but still… cover.

    1st Canadian Junkie…no?…how about 1st Junkie from Ontario?…1st Junkie from Toronto?…from my neighbourhood?

  13. Gmork

    Gotta love the FDO…

    …immediate and uncensored feedback.

    It’s like having our own personal Simon Cowell …  a Simon Cowell with an agenda to rule the world, that is.

  14. martyndarkly

    Great Scott!

    Hey cool cover.


    I think the US one looks more Sci-Fi, whereas the UK one is more horror.


    The good thing is that we can collect them all!


    Whatever, just hurry up and get me a copy of ‘The Rookie’ I can buy!!!




    The time is gone, the song is over, thought I’d something more to say….

  15. flashman

     Must get to Waterstones (UK)

     Must get to Waterstones this weekend to order the hardback AND the paperback. Damm you Sigler!


    Oh, I think the US cover is better!




    kill columbo…

  16. tsolo888

    I like the alternate cover

    Might just have to get my hands on one of those. …Tsolo888 <AKA Cpt. Travis Ellis> – Out, Click here to Digg Infected

  17. ogreoregon

    I like the cover, different but still really creepy and inviting

    but remember…… never judge a book by it’s cover, once they buy it, it’s too late………they are hooked.   and I really liked the phrase about the voices on the cover.  this is still a great cover, I would certainly notice it in a sea of other books.
    *I am the Rear Admiral but Sigler gives the Orders*

  18. Scott

    Just getting to it now …

    Yes it’s been out for a bit, just getting to the posting now. Not ignoring any Junkies. Except you, of course, because I hate you.

  19. datisit


    I’m here in the UK and really much prefer the US version…
    Simpler and more effective… Why do they have to be different anyway??
    P.S. Still getting it!!


  20. ColinF

    But …

    But the UK cover has been on the site for weeks now – and I mailed Scott a link when I first saw it.


    Has he been ignoring correspondence from his OJs? That’s no way to conquer the world!


    Rest assured I’ll be in my local bookshop on 10th July looking for this.

  21. Worldofhiglet

    Cool, but…

    It looks great, but I prefer ‘our’ version. Does it have raised words like the US one? I’ll be sure to tell all my friends/family over there to buy it -so that will be like, 2 more copies sold! Oh, and I’ll mention the ‘doomed’ bit, too. English people like a bit of ‘end of the world’, ‘hell in a handcart’ stuff – cheers them right up.



  22. JP

    The main course is about to be served…

    I saw "28 Days Later" when it came out.  Staged in England, it was probably a good warm-up for what things will be like as they’re INFECTED.  Nothing like a little appetizer before the main course!  It’s gonna be particularly CONTAGIOUS if they’re not careful.  Hey UK, don’t resist.  Just give in and enjoy the ride.